Hi There:

Last weekend during the Easter get get together, I announced that I would be driving a 09 Ford Escape Hybrid. My brother in-law immeditaly said that my insurnace would go up because a Haz-mat unit would be called out in the event of an accident.

I do know that my insurance will increase, I currently drive a 92 Rodeo, which is still strong by the way, by the gas milage is a litle excssive. The increase is do to the cost of replacment parts. I confirmed this with my insurnace agent before making the decision.

I guess I need to know how true the Haz-MAT part is. There is very little on the net about this. There is more information on how first responders are to deal with the wiring and high voltage componets of a hybrid car then the potential battery contamination leaking all over the pavment.

Anyone have facts about this, I'm not too intreseted in opinions, I don't care what anyone "thinks" about this subject. I just need you know the potential forthe endangerment of lives in an accident should occur.