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    Toyota Extended Warranty

    I just bought my first ever Toyota, and in fact first ever new car, a 2008 Prius.

    While doing the financing, the guy pitched all those extra options at me and I sprung for the ProPack (undercoating, paint protection a, and interior protection) since I live in Alaska.

    Also, he scared my wife into wanting to purchase the 7-year extended waranty by saying his dad had a Prius and he had to replace the display screen which would have been a $6000 repair if it hadnt been for the extended warranty. I was reluctant since I know Toyotas are known for reliability and they have a really good 10-year waranty already on the hybrid system which is what I would be most nervous about, but I relented since he said I could change my mind later if I wanted to cancel it.

    So question to all you more experienced owners, is the extended warranty really necessary and worth the extra $2k or is it just a scam to milk more money out of the car buyer?

    - Ben

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    It's a double-edge sword. If

    It's a double-edge sword. If you never use it, you flush $2000 down the toilet. If you do have to use it, the warranty might be worth it. I had an incident with my previous vehicle where my engine internally failed and did close to $3000 worth of damage. I was 15,000 miles outside my regular warranty, but still within the extended warranty range. However, I didn't buy the extended warranty at the time of sale. Of course, I would have paid the up front $700 cost for the extended warranty had I known the engine would fail.

    I own a TV with an extended warranty from Best Buy. 3 months short of the warranty expiring the thing crapped out on me. It would have cost be somewhere around $600 to fix. So the warranty was worth the $200 I spent because I've squeezed another 6 years from the TV.

    I have things I own that I purchased an extended warranty and it expired. It's sometimes just a piece of mind thing.

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    I own a 2004 Prius with

    I own a 2004 Prius with 96,000 miles with a 100,000 mile warranty.
    I am looking for an even farther extended warranty. Where should I turn? Toyota, Outside?

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    I own a 2008 Prius Hybrid

    I own a 2008 Prius Hybrid and want to get an extended warranty as mine will run out in 2011. I live in HI can anyone advise me?

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