I have an '03 Civic EX, manual tranny and over the past couple of years my CC had been acting up and now will not come on at all. Initially it would drop out for no apparent reason but would always work once I re started it from the wheel buttons. Last week I pushed the button on the wheel and no more indicator lights now either.
Also my starter stopped engaging which may or may not be related (both being electrical). I replaced my under the hood ground strap as it was looking corroded but this changed nothing.
Seems this is becoming a common problem, not to mention safety concern, with these models. I don't even know where to start but I don't wanna give some repair shop a blank check to go routing around trying to figure out the source of the problem. I think Honda might wanna think about stepping up to the plate before someone gets run over by an 18 wheeler - hey, it got close one time !