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    I have 2003 with manual

    I have 2003 with manual transmission and I listen to AM radio on the way Home during my 66 mile trip home. I can predict when the cruise is going to act up, due to the static goes crazy on the radio.. Then it drops out...Sometimes it tries to stay on..maybe an EMF field coming from another source...

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    A 2003 you say? AM Radio?

    A 2003 you say? AM Radio? You're kidding right? AM Radio? Well there's your problem. Your car is trying to tell you something.

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    No way really?

    No way really?

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    I have noticed the same

    I have noticed the same static coming through AM radio just before the cruise acts up and eventually turns off. I have noticed it too many times for it to be coincidence.

    Mine is a 2003 hybrid with CVT though. If yours is manual, that means it is not transmission specific.

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    i have the exact same

    i have the exact same problem with my 2001 civic ex. i set the cruise and it will downshift and slow down quickly. sometimes it revs up trying to maintain the set speed. then the cruise just shuts off. i can't set it again unless i turn off the main cruise control switch on the dash. the only thing different with my car from the other cars mentioned here is the reason my car shuts down. my cruise shuts off when the outside temperature is above 90 degrees. during the day it will shut off. at night when it is cooler, it works just fine. any suggestions?

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    What were the parts changed

    What were the parts changed please and did this fix the problem?

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    I operate a company owned

    I operate a company owned 2004 civic hybrid 5 speed with 231000 miles. We have the exact same problem on our car. The cruise control cuts out very intermittently. The charge/assist indicator fluctuates excessively for 5-10 seconds before it disconnects. This seems to rule out the brake or clutch switches as likely culprits because they would cause an immediate disconnect. I drove 8 hours for work last weekend and the CC disengaged once during the entire trip. It also seems the problem usually happens as the car starts descending or ascending a hill. I have not witnessed the problem on a level stretch of highway. We had the dealership replace the servo and this did not fix the problem. My boss wants to replace the CC module but I don't think this will work. Any ideas or recent developments?

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    I experience my cc failing

    I experience my cc failing on my 2001 Civic lx after 1/2 hr or more down the road and I too can tellyou when it's going to happen based on the static from the AM radio. It starts slowing down as the static starts. As the static becomes more frequent and louder then the cruise turns off. What the ????

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    Gary, I have the same


    I have the same problem w/ my cruise control on my 01 civic. Have you resolved it?


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    I have an '03 Civic EX,

    I have an '03 Civic EX, manual tranny and over the past couple of years my CC had been acting up and now will not come on at all. Initially it would drop out for no apparent reason but would always work once I re started it from the wheel buttons. Last week I pushed the button on the wheel and no more indicator lights now either.
    Also my starter stopped engaging which may or may not be related (both being electrical). I replaced my under the hood ground strap as it was looking corroded but this changed nothing.
    Seems this is becoming a common problem, not to mention safety concern, with these models. I don't even know where to start but I don't wanna give some repair shop a blank check to go routing around trying to figure out the source of the problem. I think Honda might wanna think about stepping up to the plate before someone gets run over by an 18 wheeler - hey, it got close one time !

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