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    I have installed a "Hidden

    I have installed a "Hidden Hitch" trailer hitch on my '08 MMH, it was a different type of installation, one hole on each side of the frame needed enlarged. And then a spring like wire is attached to the mounting bolts then you fish the wire through the frame, not too touch just requires a little patience.
    Now for my question has anyone wired for the trailer lights, I have yet to find a kit to do this. My '98 Dakota had a kit with aaimple plug in adapter, no cutting of wires, slick and easy. Anyone know of a kit like that for the '08 FEH or MMH?

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    You hard wire the trailer

    You hard wire the trailer wiring directly to 12V battery in the engine compartment. Do not wire into the tail lights. Try E-trailer.com as a source for your needs.

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    Does anyone know is a

    Does anyone know is a tranmission oil cooler comes with the Hybrid or not?

    - paul

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    PaulI--no. The hybrid uses

    PaulI--no. The hybrid uses an electronic CVT that is hosed internally. My 2005 Hybrid has three radiators! One for the ICE, One for the electronics and One for the Hybrid battery pack! Towing or not, you want to use a synethic oil. The transmission fluid is not to be replaced until one has something like 120,000 miles!

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    So what your telling me that

    So what your telling me that there is no way even to add one?

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    You would/could void your

    You would/could void your warranty with this modification that I do not know how it could work since the eCVT is internally housed. Ford OEM parts for this type of work do not exist on the hybrid vehicle due to what I just mentioned. This vehicle is not really a long term or long distance tow vehicle.

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    Let me jump-in here, yes

    Let me jump-in here, yes there is a transmission cooler so to speak that cools the components that need cooling in the transaxle. There is no torque converter to heat the transmission fluid, but there is electronics that are cooled by the electronics cooler. It does not cool the HV battery, the A/C compressor provides that with cooled air when needed.

    The electronic coolant system has a motor that circulates coolant to the DC/DC converter and the eCVT (transmission) to keep things cool which is separate from the engine coolant system. So yes, there are three radiators so to speak like Billy said, one cool the engine, one is for the electronics and one for the A/C refrigerant for the cabin and HV battery to cool.

    The bottom line is you can tow 1,000 pounds in the '05 - '08 model and you do have a transmission cooler for many electronic reasons.

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    Power for reverse is only

    Power for reverse is only generated from the generator and hybrid battery. Thus, there is limited horsepower for reverse.
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    After reading the posts. I

    After reading the posts. I wanted to ask if you though it unwise to tow a jet ski from Virginia to Texas with an 07 Escape Hybrid.

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    However, there is a point

    However, there is a point the electronic control module can't allow the battery SoC to drop to a point the gas engine does not have enough battery Soc to restart the engine.Network Blog

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