The '09 FEH/MMH improvements has got myself and others interested with regard to detailed information that doesn't seem to be available yet. Ford is saying the new 2.5 I-4 will improve the standard Escape with more horsepower and 1mpg, but their saying nothing about any EPA changes to the FEH/MMH. It may be that Ford wants to finish off selling the '08 model year before letting us in on the fine details.

Most people prefer to hold off buying the last year in a decade because the resale value drops because the vehicle seems to get old quicker. For instance, a 1999 model year seems much older than a 2000 model year. It seems Ford has all of a sudden packed some nice improvements in the '09 to off set the publics way of thinking about holding off till the 2010 model year. I remember when the new Mustang Pace Car came out in 1979 with many new changes and that stopped me from waiting for the 1980 model year. The fact was I just bought a new 1979 Cobra Mustang and traded it for the new Pace Car 6 months later.

If we can keep this tread for updating details on the '09, it would be much easier for new buyers to have an on going update of what we're all finding in news releases. For instance, what is this new Michelin Low Rolling Resistant (LRR) tire Ford is putting on all Escapes. It is my opinion this new tire is going to be like the present Conti Eco-Plus tires and only allowed to be sold through Ford. From what I've read, Michelin will have new LRR tires that can improve MPG by 2-3% and higher. My concern is if this is true, the tires and not the new 2.5L engine was what raised the mileage on the '09 Escape.