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    IMA light went on,

    I love my 2003 civic hybrid car.

    First I got letter from honda stating to take my car in for a CVT judder fix, which my car had. So I took it in and honda dealer fixed it. Got an oil change at the same time.
    2 days later I get IMA light on and I dont hear the electric motor whine when I accelerate hard. I am so used to hearing the electric motor when I accelerate.
    So I knew something was wrong. I left the car overnight and in the morning the cars IMA battery was totally dead. I was reading through this website and somewhere they said to remove battery terminal for 10mins to reset. I tried that and now the IMA light is gone..but I still dont hear the electric motor and it accelerates more sluggish than before. Even my wife also noticed the difference when she drove it.
    SO what do you think I should do.
    My car has 31k miles on it
    it gives me around 40-44mpg
    IS the IMA problem covered by honda 8year 80k hybrid battery warranty?
    Even thought the IMA light is off... something is wrong. How to diagnose this problem.
    Has this got to do anything with the CVT upadte they did?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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    Yes, your hybrid system

    Yes, your hybrid system (IMA) is covered by the 8 year warranty.
    If there was anything wrong with the system then you'll only know for sure if you take it in to the dealership. Only they can tell for sure what (if anything is wrong) once they plug the vehicle into the HDS station.

    Since the car has only 31K it is highly improbable that the battery is bad. In all likelihood they forgot (or simply did not know) to reset the system after updating the PCM at the time of performing the CVT work. What you did in terms of disconnecting the 12V battery works very in similar scenarios and I suspect it is all you need to do.

    Do you see any assist taking place when you accelerate? if not, I would take it in again and have them look at it.



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    Thanks for the reply... I

    Thanks for the reply...

    I see the assist bar come on when I accelerate but I dont hear the whine of electric motor and the acceleration feels sluggish. DO you think they will be able to pull a error code even though I did the battery disconnect which made the IMA light go off. Right now I dont get the IMA light.
    Thanks for your thoughts..

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    It is good that you see

    It is good that you see assist taking place.

    They will only be able to retrieve anything significant if and only if there is a problem with the system - at which point you'll also see the IMA light come up. At this point I would let the system generate any codes if anything does indeed come up.

    The electric motor whine noise is not always a good indicator, since for many people it is not always there all the time.

    OK, next questions:
    1 - How old is your 12V battery? Believe it or not, this is often a culprit in these types of scenarios. Did they perform a 12V battery load test?

    2- How's your IMA battery State of Charge (SoC) doing? Do you see any sudden discharges followed by frequent and aggressive recharge attempts? In other words, how long does the SoC last before a forced regeneration?



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    Hello MSantos.. The battery

    Hello MSantos..

    The battery is still the one which the came with the car. Load test was performed 6 months ago and they said it was borderline. They said it was good idea to change. But I have not yet changed it. How does it affect the IMA system?

    Yesterday was the first day I saw the IMA battery fully discharged in the morning. Had to drive the car around to get some bars into IMA battery. It went to half and then suddenly jumped to full.
    Then onwards it shows the assist bar come on when I accelerate but I dont hear the whine. Can the whine just stop by itself. I dont know how to explain... when you have had a car for so long.. you will know if the car is making an extra noise or if the car is sounding different. So you think I should wait untill the IMA light comes back on?


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    The 12V battery affects the

    The 12V battery affects the IMA behavior BIG time. If you have a weak 12V battery then at peak demand periods (especially during a start) it can starve the IMA power-up routine and be responsible for modular crashes. The modular crashes then are responsible for producing all sorts of codes which turn on the IMA warning light.

    SO... I always recommend that folks keep an eye on the 12V battery. As soon as it becomes weak or unable to sustain the original charge then get it replaced as soon as possible.



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    I am going to change the

    I am going to change the battery tomorrow. Thanks for the help MSantos. Appreciate you taking time to answer my query.. and all others query too. (smile)

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    I am looking at a 2006 honda

    I am looking at a 2006 honda civic hybrid at an auction, however the IMA light is on, what is your suggestion?

    If it's a corrosion problem in the battery, how can it be check verses replacing the battery?


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    Hi there, I am taking my

    Hi there, I am taking my Honda civic in on Monday due to the IMA light being on. The dealer said because it is over three years old that it is not warranted. Yet I am reading here that it is covered up to 8 years, what is the truth?
    I have 62k miles on my car and have taken good service care of it. Most of my driving is freeway also. Help!!!!

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