I love my 2003 civic hybrid car.

First I got letter from honda stating to take my car in for a CVT judder fix, which my car had. So I took it in and honda dealer fixed it. Got an oil change at the same time.
2 days later I get IMA light on and I dont hear the electric motor whine when I accelerate hard. I am so used to hearing the electric motor when I accelerate.
So I knew something was wrong. I left the car overnight and in the morning the cars IMA battery was totally dead. I was reading through this website and somewhere they said to remove battery terminal for 10mins to reset. I tried that and now the IMA light is gone..but I still dont hear the electric motor and it accelerates more sluggish than before. Even my wife also noticed the difference when she drove it.
SO what do you think I should do.
My car has 31k miles on it
it gives me around 40-44mpg
IS the IMA problem covered by honda 8year 80k hybrid battery warranty?
Even thought the IMA light is off... something is wrong. How to diagnose this problem.
Has this got to do anything with the CVT upadte they did?
Thanks in advance for any suggestion.