Nothing special, but I took a trip to South Beach Miami today to meet up with my son and some friends from his from College days. I tried to take the city routes but had to change to I-95 due to time. So the trip was half city and half Interstate. I can see my battery pack is not up to its fresh days, but I also had stronger headwinds to deal with on my return. The traffic was wild in the City and on I-95 on this busy Saturday afternoon and I got no brakes from stoplights and draw bridges from boat traffic. For those interested, here are my "Todays" SG trip information.


46.2 MPG

28 MPH Avg

65 MPH Max

6.7 Hours

4263 RPM Max

191 Miles

184 Fwt Max

4.1 gallons

The weather was great! There were two cold starts and I stopped for breakfast and dinner during the trip.