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    Interesting thread. I don't

    Interesting thread. I don't own a Prius but was an engineer on a project to design a kit to make a Prius into a plug-in hybrid so I've driven one a lot. I hadn't noticed the fuel tank problem, but it was summer. BUT I do have a Toyota FJ Cruiser. That's a ridgid tank, I think - I'll have to research that. IThe fuel gauge is spot on though.

    But although it's supposed to be an 18 gallon tank the fuel pump likes to click off about 1.5 gallons short of full. Being an anal engineer who checks mileage (my BMW motorcycle gets 46mpg consistantly) I always filll up. What is happening with the FJ is that the fill pipe that Toyota uses is fairly small in diameter and follows a really torturous route. With high speed gas pumps you end up with a lot of air in the tank. It takes a bit of slow filling after the initial shut off to fill the tank.

    What I'm reading about a lot of air escaping from the tank makes me think that the Prius is doing a similar thing as my FJ.

    I would recommend that you only use about half speed when you all fill your Prius(es?) and see what happens. This might reduce the amount of air pumped into the tank.

    I was going to say that there is no reason why a polymer tank would act differently in cold weather. Then I remembered the Challenger. It sure is a design flaw. I'm surprised they haven't changed materials. I wonder why not?

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    highwayman, Clearly, you


    Clearly, you could use a little schooling yourself. So, allow me to school thee:

    (a) reading: Clearly, you haven't read the blog. NO ONE is getting to fill up anywhere close to 11.9 gallons, which is the rates capacity. Duh, that's what this blog is about. So,

    (b) math: That means you are dividing by a lower denominator, which means HIGHER MILEAGE

    (c) science: 105 degree air is THICKER!!? Boy, your stupidity really shows on this one. HOT AIR IS LESS DENSE. That means THINNER. As air cools, it becomes desner. COLD AIR IS THICKEST.

    NEWSFLASH: The battery is NICKEL METAL HYDRDIDE. Yep, NICKEL. Ya know, like the nickel that's in stailnless steel. Still think it's toxic? OK, better throw out all your pots and pans. STUPID HYPOCRITES - guess they don't drive a car with a battery!!??
    That's LEAD!?? Tell ya what, you eat dinner off a lead plate, I'll eat off a stainless steel plate, we'll see who gets sick. 250 million lead car batteries in this country, and somehow no problem, but LOOKOUT, fewer then 1 million (nickel) hybrid batteries are going to ruin everything! People this stupid should be shot
    And any Prius owner know Toyota offer $200 bounty to recycle the battery and that they are warrantied for 150,000 miles (and have lasted 250,000 miles)

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    Funny my car goes 10.5 gas

    Funny my car goes 10.5 gas in winter, he is right you just have to be patient and do it again. I was a bit confused when it first happened. once the bladder has been used a couple of times it works just fine. and its better than when your going up a hill on a regular tank when your almost empty.

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    My Prius has had fuel gauge

    My Prius has had fuel gauge issues since I bought it. I just got back from a road trip (13,800 on the car when we got home) where the difference was up to 11 mpg. The car noted nearly 50 mpg and when calculating it was in the high 30's ... bummer. This was pretty constant during the entire trip ... car said much higher than was acutally being achieved.

    The gauge ticks were also acting really strangly and the battery too.

    Took it into Toyota to see what was up. Basically Toyota told me that the difference could be as much as 15 mpg ... and there is nothing wrong with the car.

    Before I left the lot today, I traded the 2008 Prius in on a 2009 Toyota Camry SE ... no more Prius problems, worries or concerns ... nice trade too ... straight across.

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    I have a 2007 Prius, and

    I have a 2007 Prius, and have compared my calculated gas mileage to the displayed mileage many times over the last year. I have consistently found only a 1-2 mpg difference. Friends with the older model Prius say they have had discrepancies with their calculated mileage, but I don't seem to have that problem. I (though I also live in the "thick, hot" air of California - ha ha!) have always gotten 48-53 mpg on the highway, even with the a/c on.

    I also wondered if anyone knew the approximate gas level when the "Add fuel" warning comes up. It happened to me unexpectedly as I was climbing to a rather high elevation (thus much lower mpg), but thankfully got down the mountain to a gas station on electric and never ran out of gas completely.

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    Sorry, I missed a few posts

    Sorry, I missed a few posts in the middle of the string that answered my question (apparently there is little consistency in the fuel amount when the bar flashes).

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    Hitting the reset button

    Hitting the reset button causes all the numbers that are kept in memory to be reset back to 0. So, if you want to make the value of your car increase, hit this button RIGHT before you sell it, and your odometer will reset to 0.

    I found I have two odomoeters ... and EACH time, when I hold the ODO button in, the miles reset to 0 ... I wonder if Toyota knows about this?????? This means when I sell the car, I can make it look like there's no miles .... i.e., 0, OR, what I'll probably do is set it to 0 and then drive it for about 3,000 and then say that the car has a total miles of 3,000 on it ...

    Toyota SCREWED up ROYALLY!!!!

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    There are THREE odometers,

    There are THREE odometers, Trip A, Trip B, and the odometer.

    You CAN reset both or either trip odometer.

    You CANNOT reset the main odometer. That's what it's there for.

    Advice: if you want to own a Prius, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

    this is not your father's Model T.

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    I do not own a prius, but

    I do not own a prius, but only 6 gallons?
    that seems quite small a volume.

    of course, considering it is a hybrid, I can see the logic, but still.

    so you fill up your tank for, say, $25?


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    I haven't noticed a problem

    I haven't noticed a problem with the tank but live in Phoenix.
    However, I've read in books about cars that you really should refill any car when it gets to 1/2 to 1/4 tank! Otherwise the junk at the bottom all ends up in the engine at the same time - apparently not such a great thing.
    Hopefully Toyota will address this issue y'all are having. But in reality, is it not enough to be able to go 250 or 300 miles on 5 or 6 gallons and then fill up for $20 ( you might even be able to pay in cash and not take out a loan to fill er up )?

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