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    HA!!. And here I thought I

    HA!!. And here I thought I was alone. The manual says when the last bar flashes, there are about 3 gallons left in the tank (equals about 150 miles for me). Twice I ran out of gas (after about 40-50 miles) - the second time had to be towed cos the whole thing froze. Go figure. It would really help if they would be a tad more specific. Will just have to put more gas when we have 2 bars. Very odd though - after I filled the tank, the fuel indicator is still showing full (after 140 miles) - i usually lose the first bar after 80-100 miles .... do I need to start worrying???

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    I think that working out the

    I think that working out the consumption based on what you fill (which is what I like to do), should be thrown out the window. How can you accurately gauge with a tank that has fluctuating capacity??? LOL. Just have to go by what the screen says is the average consumption (now I know why my mileage was so much better than the screen).

    By the way, the first time I ran out of gas, I managed to get to a gas station with the instrument panel giving a pretty display. The second time I had to be towed after 2 gallons of gas didnt get the car going - wouldnt even go into drive. It DID start though after the towtruck dropped it off at Toyota so - I floored it right out of there immediately.

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    Wow. Thats harsh.

    Wow. Thats harsh. Apparently there are a lot of stupid people posting here, including me. Hope this gas issue never happens to you - if it does, remember you are not stupid like us, and it is a vehicle failure.

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    I disagree. Even with all

    I disagree. Even with all that, you know how many miles you get on a tank cos you know how far you drive even without the odometer. you know how much you spend on gas a month (more or less anyway). Thats got to be way less than a Malibu or any other vehicle (my gas bill has dropped to between 1/3 & 1/4 of what it was with my Ford - no, I am not kidding). Buy the Prius, enjoy it and have fun with it. I havent enjoyed driving a car so much in many many many years

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    One thing that a lot of

    One thing that a lot of people are missing here is that the gas pumps at various gas stations and from pump to pump can differ considerably. You can blame the bladder, but at least some of the variation is the meter from your gas station (or stations).
    My 2008 was delivered at the end of December here in Louisville, KY. Between that cold weather and the warm weather now, I have seen about a 1 gallon variation in the capacity of the tank, long term between cold and hot. However, on rare occasions I have seen a jump up in capacity (11 and 11.2 gallons shown on the pump when I expected to put in 9.75) and one downturn (9.1 when I expected to put in maybe around 10 or so).
    Just so you know, out of old habits, I keep my own MPG records in addition to what my Prius tells me. I also fill up as soon as possible after seeing the fuel display go from 2 to 1 bar. I am an engineer by nature as well as by training and employment, just so you know.
    What I have found is that those odd excursions had a significant effect on my own MPG calculations, while the Prius kept to its previous range (around 39 in the winter and 43.5 in the summer, based of the driving I do). My conclusion is that I was cheated twice and made out once at the pump. I have also concluded that my Prius reports a MPG figure that is overly optimistic by just under 2% (or gas pumps are "tuned" to give you an average of 2% over the meter, which would surprise me), but that is another matter for another post.
    So, I think the bladder does have an effect of capacity as the weather changes, but fuel pump variations are the bigger culprit in the major "changes" in capacity.

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    I just got a letter from

    I just got a letter from Toyota saying that the display on the dash of the Toyota calculates its mileage from knowing the distance by the rotation of the tires, and from knowing the amount of fuel used by counting the number of injection from the fuel injectors. They say that it could be off as much as 5 or 10%.

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    Just filled my car

    Just filled my car yesterday.

    The fuel gauge on the dash said I would need about 6 gallons.

    The fuel consumption computer said that I would need 4.3 gallons (222 miles driven at 51.7mpg average).

    My actual fill up? 4.36 gallons.

    Bottom line:

    DO NOT EVER TRUST the dashboard fuel gauge. Because of the flexable rubber fuel tank it is TOTALLY unreliable.

    Why is everyone waiting until the "guess gauge" shows empty?

    Do you think the price of fuel will drop down to $2.34/gal in the next 2 days?

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    I am a teen. Is it a good

    I am a teen. Is it a good idea to buy one as my first car? considering the great gas mileage??? i dont think it looks bad, i think it looks good.

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    Thought the gas gauge

    Thought the gas gauge problem was me. Just took a family trip in the 2008 Prius I have had for 2 months and stalled on a very busy I-95 in South Carolina. The gauge went from 3 bars quickly to 2 and then 1 with a warning and immediately stalled. Waited for a tow truck who added a gas can's worth - about 1.5 gallons. Car still wouldn't start. He added another and then had to jump-start us.

    Worked great the rest of the trip and I have been able to add enough gas to what I think fills the tank - about 11+ gallons. Though at 2 bars I am sure to gas up.

    Filled it up last night. When I started the car this morning it gave me the Add Fuel warning. Went to a gas station to make sure and could only add a gallon. Still says Add Fuel and shows 1 blinking bar. Had to leave it at home because I can't risk stalling.

    I know it has at least 11 gallons in it. Looks like I'll be visiting the nearest Toyota dealer.

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    Managed to get 12.2 gallons

    Managed to get 12.2 gallons the other day in my 2008 Prius. Average outside temp here is 90 degrees.
    I reset my millage after each fill up, that way I know if my average mpg is always the same I will get 530-560 miles per tank. I always fill up after about 10-20 miles in on the last bar, I figure 550 is good enough for me, haha!!
    I love this car!!!

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