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    I have an 07 prius and when

    I have an 07 prius and when the gauge blinks empty i can only get 8.5 gal. and I live in Los Angeles. I fill it up and the temp. doesn't change anything.
    Whats the point of misstating capacity?

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    I have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with winter fuel fills topping off at about 7 to 8 gal when the gauge is at one bar. That means a driving range of about 350 to 400 gal--except that the fuel milage drops to arounf 43 mpg combined in cold weather. That means range of only 300 to 350 miles. That's OK in the city, but on the Interstate it could mean problems if not closely watched. Crossing Wyoming and Montana in the summer would be a breeze with a range of 600 miles and a gallon to spare, but I can't ever depend on twelve gallons in the tank.

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    Well after reading many

    Well after reading many posts, not all cause there's so many, I at least know it's not a detrimental defect, I thought I got a Lemon and was going to take it in while under warranty still. I just got my new, used, 2005 prius and was wondering why my gauge was going down quickly. It's December now in PA and the temps range from 10-30 degrees. I can live with it since I do the bulk of my driving in the summer and half as much in the fall and spring. Plus the additives that are put in gas in the winter affect your mileage too.

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    When the temp is below 50

    When the temp is below 50 degrees or so, the bladder shrinks, and the actual capacity's more like 10.6, and those who have owned a prius for a while know that you still have at least 2 gallons when it starts blinking. I reset one of the odometers when it starts blinking, so I know I can go at least 80 miles before I really run out.

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    i bought a 2008 used about a

    i bought a 2008 used about a week ago. dealer topped it off and it said i was getting about 40 miles to the gallon. but the trip meter said i dove only about 260 miles when it started flashing to fill up. filled it up again and got right at 11 gallons in it. says that im now averaging about 37 miles to the gallon . but my trip meter is only showing that i have drove only 180 miles and i have 3 bars left on the fule gauge. the mpg is there but its not showing it on the trip meter. ?????

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    One thing to remember about

    One thing to remember about the Prius center display is that the "miles driven" is the miles since the LAST FILL UP. It resets to zero automatically, when the fuel gauge goes to full.

    BUT.. the MPG display does not reset automatically, it continues to calculate average MPG since the last time you hit the manual reset button on the display. This allows you to see your long-term MPG.

    IF you want to see the MPG for EACH tank full, you have to hit the manual reset button when you refill the tank.

    then you can divide Miles Driven by gallons added to get the MPG, and compare it to the MPG display.

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    Eot wrote: " If I put 10

    Eot wrote:
    " If I put 10 gallons in today, and when its empty I can only put 7 gallons in because the fuel bladder is more rigid and won't expand correctly, then I cannot even check what kind of mileage I am actually getting with the car. In other words, there's no way to verify whether or not the car's calculated mileage is accurate."

    You can actually verify it with simple math, if you know you put 10 gallons in and ran it to empty then all you have to do is divide the total miles driven on that tank by 10 to get the MPG and the next time you run it to empty you would divide by 7, the number of gallons you put in you put in the second time. Also the Prius does not calculate the mpg based on the gas in the tank, it calculates the mpg based on the rate at which fuel flows through the fuel line into the engine, thus the car will get the same mpg (dependent on your individual driving style) whether you put 1 gallon of fuel in or 10 gallons of fuel in.
    Lastly, the fuel gauge tells you how much the bladder is inflated, whether it be fully expanded on a hot day or contracted on a cold day. The bladder can be fully inflated while having a lesser total volume, and as such the gauge will read full at a lesser volume than stated in the owners manual. An easy way to make sure you don't run out of gas is to use the average mpg readout function by resetting it every time you fill up, fill the tank all the way up every time and multiply the mpg from the last tank by the number of gallons you put into the tank this time to get an estimated total mileage for your next tank. It might be a little annoying, but it's a small price to pay for the ability to drive 500+ miles on $28 of gas.

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    Glad I found this (&

    Glad I found this (& another) thread on the gas bladder. I'm strapped for cash until I get paid at the end of the week, so stopped & put in a little over 2 gallons of gas. The indicator still blinked. Went home, which is only a couple of miles from the gas station. On my way back to work, I stopped again & put ANOTHER (little over) 2 gallons in.. so I have a total of at least 4 gallons.. and it's still blinking at me telling me to add fuel! I guess it'll just have to do until I get paid.. but that's very unnerving when that sensor isn't very accurate, so you drive around for a week w/ it blinking (yelling) at you to fill up! :P

    I have also driven it down to thinking I had more than a few gallons left, even though it was blinking at me. I also thought it held 11.9 gallons (stupid me) - so I ran out of gas on the way somewhere. Thankfully, the battery let me turn around & go to the gas station on the corner to fill up. (I was kind of doing a test to see if I really did have that much gas left.) It was 1/4-1/2 a mile, and the battery was down to the red bars by the time I pulled in to fill up.. so don't think you can get very far IF you run out! Find the next station & pull in.. fast! Also, the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree until you fill up again.. then it resets & is happy again.

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    I have noticed this fuel

    I have noticed this fuel gauge thing lately also. Just today I gassed up when it showed 3 blocks and it only took just short of 6 gallons. Mine is also a 2008 Prius. I'm glad I don't have to replace a sensor or something. It's all just shrinkage.

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    2005 Prius 84k miles Manual

    2005 Prius
    84k miles
    Manual says 10.9 gallon tank
    I've run the car down to fumes a few times and have filled it with as much as 11.4 gallons. Visiting cold places in the winter drops me down to about 9.5 gallons. I don't see a capacity loss until the bladder is consistently under 60 degrees.
    Thankfully I live in Phoenix.

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