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    I've had an 08 Prius for two

    I've had an 08 Prius for two years now. 40k miles on it. Boston native. Mileage is definettely better in the summer and worst in winter. I attribute the winter mileage deficiency to the use of the heater compared to the use of the air conditioner in the summer. You probably have noticed that the engine will run if the heater is on and the car is in park. I also heat up the car in the morning so that obviously kills the mpg.
    My wife ran out of gas today for the second time since we've had the car. The math is pretty simple. 45 mpg with an 11.9 gallon tank should get you approx. 540 miles. I've never gotten over 500 miles to a tank and have never put in more than ten gallons. Other than that, we love the car.
    Summer mpg=50
    Winter mpg=45

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    I bought my Prius new in

    I bought my Prius new in September 2008 and love the car except for the unpredictable fuel bladder. I have never been able to get more that 32 litres (8 gallons) in my tank, whose gauge indicates that it's empty. Sometimes, I can only get 28 litres (7 gallons). This is an annoying problem when I want to travel on a long journey, uninterrupted. I live in Winnipeg where night temperatures for five months of the year are between -10 F and -35 F. Whether it is summer or winter, the fuel bladder responds the same way.

    I find the dealers' responses to all our complaints completely consistent with one another - clearly, head-office has given them the script that the behaviour is "normal"! The fact the 2010 Prius has reverted back to a conventional gas tank proves that our concerns have always been legitimate.

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    And again, our consolation

    And again, our consolation is that a Prius with only 28 liters takes us as far as a monster SUV with a 100+ liter tank. Which fill-up would you rather pay for?

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    Thanks for all this advice"!

    Thanks for all this advice"! Perhaps it explains why I could only fit 8.5 gallons in my tank after driving 420 miles! (that would be 49 mpg.)

    So apparently we can't really measure the mpg accurately if the tank is a different size each time! Right? I mean the fuel info screen tells us the mpg but normally the only way to be sure that is correct is by measuring the mp[g the old fashioned way: miles driven divided by gals used. But with the flexible bladder that won't work - correct?

    I suppose if I keep track for a year or so I'll be pretty close?

    Thanks again - I picked up an '07 with 29K a week ago. Love it so far - esp the mpg!

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    After reading many of these

    After reading many of these posts, I have decided one thing: people like to complain.

    I was also unaware of how much gas my tank could actually hold and that is was a "bladder" and not a solid tank like most other vehicles. But, who really cares? I'm still happy I bought my car. The fact of the matter is that the tank is going to hold atleast 8 gallons so just fill up at 300 miles or so and get over it.

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    Have had my 2008 Prius for

    Have had my 2008 Prius for about two weeks. Yesterday, thought I had at least a gallon left...the gas engine kicked off and all the warning lights came on. Scared...thought something happened to the engine. Drove with flashers on for about a mile and a half to a gas station, filled up the tank with 11.056 gallons of gas, checked oil level and for leaks, started the car and drove off. All warning lights went off seconds after restarting. So, I definitely had run out of gas.

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    I live in Connecticut and

    I live in Connecticut and bought my Prius in October of last year. I never noticed this. I usually wait until the fuel light is blinking to fill it, which is at about 430 - 450 miles, and it usually takes about 9.5 to 10 gallons, which is what I would expect for an 11ish gallon tank.

    Bottom line - winter was cold in Connecticut and I have a long commute to Massachusetts every day. No change in my fuel tank capacity whatsoever between now and last December.

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    If you have a 2010 model

    If you have a 2010 model Prius, you DO NOT have the fuel bladder that is giving everyone capacity problems.

    The 2010 model Prius is using a standard METAL tank. With a fixed and known fuel capacity.

    Toyota has never admitted there were any problems with the fuel bladders, but has now dropped the design.

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    My wife and I picked up a

    My wife and I picked up a used 2007 Prius 3 days ago. On the day that I bought it, I filled it up with 11.12 gallons while on the last bar of the gauge. Right now my trip odometer is on 104 miles, and it is still reading full. I live in southern central Florida, so I never turn off my AC. I was also amazed at how good the mileage is while using the cruise. I'll post back to let you know how much I get out of the tank. But so far, I'm glad that I let my wife talk me into buying this car!

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    I bought a pre-owned 2008

    I bought a pre-owned 2008 Prius in June. Have been having fuel problems ever since (probably the reason the person unloaded it with just 17k miles). I could probably learn to live with refilling at 420 miles, but now I'm having issues with the fuel indicator bars and the reset button.

    Previously, the reset button automatically reset every time I filled up. I counted on that to tell me when I reached 420 miles so I could refill. Now it seems completely whimsical: drove up to Atlanta (about 412 miles). It was down to about 5 bars. Parked overnight and it reset itself while I was sleeping to zero miles and a full 11 bars indicator. Filled up with 8 gallons, with full 11 bar indicator the next morning; drove another 421 miles back home, where it only "let" me fill with 6 gallons, did not reset the tripmeter, and appears to have full bars indicator. I think this is potentially quite dangerous as I have to keep track of when I fill up, how many miles I drive, and NOT trust the ability to put gas in.

    Would anyone in their right mind let their teenager (or wife or mother -- I know I'm being sexist and ageist) drive this car on a long road trip?

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