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    Ran out of gas on a dark,

    Ran out of gas on a dark, long deserted road with my 4 year-old daughter tonight!

    I didn't believe what the gas gauge because of its trend of inaccurate fuel indicator. Last block blinked at 250 miles from a full tank. How ridiculous is that?! This is San Francisco driving in the mild winter season when the car has never been in snow or below 40F.

    I've been observing a decrease in _tank capacity_ in the last few fill ups. The last block starts to blink sooner and sooner. Blinking starts out around 360, then down to 330 or so then below 300 then 275. When it blinked at 270, I drove around for another 40 miles before filling up the tank with 7 gallons! The indicator bars went all the way to the top. So when it blinked at 250, I didn't believe it. I drove around till it surprisingly ran out of gas at 330.

    The computer display showed a 40.9 mpg efficiency when it ran out of gas. How did they do the math? 330 miles for 10 gallons would be 33 mpg. 40mpg should've gotten me at least 380 miles without a problem.

    My car has been consistently getting at least 40mpg with the same type of hill and freeway driving ever since I bought it in 2006. It's got about 22K miles on the car in 2 1/2 years.

    How could I run out of gas at 330 miles?!

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    Brought the car in again to

    Brought the car in again to the dealer because of the bladder tank problem. I told them that I'm missing out on over 100 miles per full tank. They gave me the usual spiel that everything is ok. Then they gave me a printout that says that once the "empty/flashing" bar starts you have 3 gallons left in the tank. That would mean you could drive between 120 and 150 miles on an empy tank indicator. That doesn't seem right to me ... I might just have to pull a "Kraemer/Kramer - Seinfeld episode where he drives until he runs out of gas ..."
    Has anyone brought the car back under any Lemon Law?

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    Bottom Line: Toyota deserves

    Bottom Line:

    Toyota deserves to get egg on their face for not being honest about this. I too have called and they claim to know nothing about this. They obviously do. Do they think we don't know how to use the internet? If you fill up at 2 bars, you "might" be ok, but it still negates the purpose of having a car with great mileage so you DON'T have to fill up often. Further, do you fell safe having your wife/daughter driving the car with the ASSUMPTION they'll be ok? I don't. Toyota, you've just lost a loyal customer with how you've handled this. SPREAD THE WORD! THIS IS WHAT TOYOTA THINKS OF YOU! LIARS!!!!

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    I bought a 2008 Prius in Dec

    I bought a 2008 Prius in Dec 2007. I live in Fort Lauderdale and it is generally always over 70 degrees and much hotter than that in the summer. When I have only one bar left, my tank never holds more than 7.5 to 8 gallons (approximately) no matter what the weather. Does this debunk the cold weather myth!

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    I have a 2005 Prius, and I

    I have a 2005 Prius, and I have had pretty much the same problem as the everyone above--except, through dumb luck, haven't run out of gas yet. And, the service department at my local dealer (in Montana where it does get cold), got exactly the same "no problem" run-around as everyone else has reported.

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    I have a 2007 Prius and read

    I have a 2007 Prius and read about the shrinking fuel tank bladder before I bought the vehicle. I can only get about 8 gallons in the tank when the temperature is near the zero mark. I press the reset button on the consumption screen every time I fill up. The gas gauge and the reported mpg seem to be in-sync with the reduced capacity. I fill up when the add fuel indicator blinks, and have never had a problem. But from reading here I can tell there must be huge differences in the gas gages from Prius to Prius.

    Iíd be hopping mad too if I ran out of gas with 2 marks left.

    Even in the summer time when the tank is taking itís full 11.9 gallons (yes, once I put in 11.7 gallons) some of the gas nozzles shut off way too early. This I find very frustrating. Iíve actually gone home and used my gas can and put in 2 more gallons
    without overfilling.

    So the long and short of it isÖ.in the summer we get much better fuel mileage and a larger tank. With my long commute, Iíve gone 700 per tank many a time. In the winter, Iím lucky to get 450 miles per tank.

    Still love the car.

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    I too am a victim of this

    I too am a victim of this bladder tank. Really old men often have bladder and dribble problems, but there is NO excuse for a new car having the problems that a Prius does in cold weather. Since Toyota has no intention of recalling them until several people die, does anyone know of pending lawsuits that can be expanded to class action suits for all owner/victims of this scam?

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    We bought an '07 Prius used

    We bought an '07 Prius used from a dealer and it had 3 bars on the gas gauge, but within 2 miles it went down to 2 bars and ran out of gas soon after that. We drove a mile on the electric motor then it died before we could reach the nearest gas station. We never go below 3 bars now before we fill er up!!! In the colder weather the gas gauge is very erratic. We still love the car!

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    My Prius has only been

    My Prius has only been holding about 8.5 gallons this winter. Temperatures vary quite a bit here but it's been in the 40s and 50s for a while. I was going to try to push a tank past the limit - call its bluff so to speak. Glad I googled it first! Some friends and I had just been joking about how it would be kind of ironic to run out of gas in a Prius (sorry some of you had to do it - thanks for sharing what you learned). I've also found that my mileage is a bit lower in the winter when I'm running the heat. Still enjoying the car though! I almost have my boyfriend converted to a hybrid lover - which is huge since he doesn't even want power windows in his car...

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    Interesting discussion, one

    Interesting discussion, one way to have a good idea as to how many miles are left in the current tank is:
    1) When filling up, record the number of gallons put in the tank - this will be the minimum amount of gas that is in the tank.

    2) Reset 1 of the trip mileage counters.

    At any point you can take the average MPG that the computer displays (highly accurate) and multiply it by the number of gallons that you put in the tank. Whatever amount that the mileage traveled so far (stored in one of the trip mileage counters) is less that this calculation will be the number of miles you have left before possibly running out of fuel.

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