Ran out of gas on a dark, long deserted road with my 4 year-old daughter tonight!

I didn't believe what the gas gauge because of its trend of inaccurate fuel indicator. Last block blinked at 250 miles from a full tank. How ridiculous is that?! This is San Francisco driving in the mild winter season when the car has never been in snow or below 40F.

I've been observing a decrease in _tank capacity_ in the last few fill ups. The last block starts to blink sooner and sooner. Blinking starts out around 360, then down to 330 or so then below 300 then 275. When it blinked at 270, I drove around for another 40 miles before filling up the tank with 7 gallons! The indicator bars went all the way to the top. So when it blinked at 250, I didn't believe it. I drove around till it surprisingly ran out of gas at 330.

The computer display showed a 40.9 mpg efficiency when it ran out of gas. How did they do the math? 330 miles for 10 gallons would be 33 mpg. 40mpg should've gotten me at least 380 miles without a problem.

My car has been consistently getting at least 40mpg with the same type of hill and freeway driving ever since I bought it in 2006. It's got about 22K miles on the car in 2 1/2 years.

How could I run out of gas at 330 miles?!