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    I agree with Guy there. 300

    I agree with Guy there. 300 to even 500 gallons sound pretty good to me. I don't own one but my Grandfather does and he loves it. I wish I could have one. I would probably be able to go a whole month without having to fill up. I get about 28 mpg highway in my Honda Odyssey. I can't really complain with that. Take what you can get and fill at a 1/4 tank. Stop whining. Or just trade it.

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    Several U.S. Navy ships ran

    Several U.S. Navy ships ran out of fuel during World War II with disastrous results. Since that time all conventional U.S. Navy ships must never go below 75% fuel onboard. In car terms that would require filling up every time you get down to 3/4 of a tank. However, I would think that filling up every 300 miles would be prudent, especially in the winter, and besides you could brag to those dinosaur drivers about how little it cost to fill your Prius!

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    FYI - i have a 2009 Prius

    FYI - i have a 2009 Prius and i'm having the same problem. there was no "fix" in the 2009 models. i'm glad i found this site. i didn't know anything about the flexible bladder tank.

    i kept driving with the blinking box thinking i had 3 gallons left as stated in the owners manual and almost ran out of gas on the highway. i went to the dealership maintanence shop to ask why my range is so much less then expected and they said nothing about the flexible bladder.

    their own maintenance people don't seem to know about the tank.

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    Oh, they KNOW, They

    Oh, they KNOW, They know!!!

    There have been tech notices distributed to the mechanics since the 2004 model year.

    They just cover up the problem and pretend it has never happened to anyone before you.

    Given that the problem is not causing fatalities, Toyota knows that the government will not step in and order a recall.

    And as long as they have people standing in line to buy the car, no incentive to address the problem.

    p.s.- I did my research, knew about these little problems, and still decieded to buy my Prius. Every car seems to have it's little problems. For Prius, it's the fuel tank and gauge.

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    I have a new '09 and have

    I have a new '09 and have experienced this $%$##@ problem with the tank. I got the car from the dealer with a full tank. I was only able to drive 400 miles even though the indicator said I was getting 46 mpg. When I went to the gas station I could only fill 5.3 gallons. I thought that was quite odd. I called the dealer and I was told by the service advisor to not let the tank get below 1/3. I almost busted out laughing when I heard that. What a load of BS. If that was the case Toyota would have the warning light go off at the 1/3 level. This is just laughable and an extreme example of a really bad design. No customer should have to put up with this crap. I was even told that certain gas stations work better than others and that certains days or times of the day make a difference, oh and we have to only get gas on blue moons!!!!

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    I think you are freaking

    I think you are freaking funny as h*** John Johur. That was great.

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    i got my 2009 just last

    i got my 2009 just last months,i have all the same experience with all the above,but i just wonder anyone get the answer to solve the problem.file to the court or any department ????anyone could email me the answers or posted.let whoever been sufer the problem can be done.thank you very much???

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    I have the same issue with

    I have the same issue with my fuel tank-at least for the past 4 months or so. I've had my Prius for nearly 4 years, and now when I fill up right after the warning beep, I can fill up anywhere between 5.5 and 9 gallons. I get worried now that I can see the fuel indicator lights almost racing down! I never had that problem before. "You just have to live with it" isn't really an acceptable answer on a flawed product I spent nearly $25,000 on.

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    I bought a 2008 Prius in

    I bought a 2008 Prius in December of 2007 in Tenn. where we live 6 months of the year. For the first 10 MONTHS & 10,000 miles I had no problem purtting gas in the fuel tank, consistenely putting in 8-9 gals after traveling 400-450 miles. This I did in various outside temperatures from 20oF up to 60oF in Dec. & Jan. In Feb. we went to upstate NY for 3 weeks where the temperatures were much COLDER!!! I never experienced any problems, gas going into the tand FLAWLESSLY! All of a sudden, in Sept. I started having trouble filling up, nozzle sutting off at 5 gals when I knew it should take more,so I nursed the rest into the tank. Then the gas would shoot up at me when I removed the nozzlle. I went to the Toyota Dealership and was THEN handed a paper explaining the "bladder" system gas tank. This was the first I was informed about this type of fuel tank. I've been calling the 1-800 number that the dealership gave to me after I complained that I was happy with their explanation of why they couldn't fix my problem. I've received only one call back form the customer service in Cal. stating that someone else would be calling me back. That was 3 weeks ago. As of this writing, I am STILL WAITING!!!!
    I think we have been DECEIVED by this Giant Auto Maker by not telling us about the FLAW DESIGN in their fuel tanks BEFORE buying a car in fear of losing a sale!!!!
    I have 2 questions I would like someone to answer:
    I. How can a gas tank "work" perfectly for 10 months in all types of weather and then all of a sudden have this problem?
    2. How wide spread it this problem?

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    I bought my 2008 Prius in

    I bought my 2008 Prius in January. I too noticed that the manual said the tank held about 11.9 gal and when I would fill up when it was completely empty it only held 10.2 gallons. I called the Toyota Dealer here in town and informed them of my finding. They confirmed it so I preceeded to tell them that perhaps they should reprint their manuals to reflect the correct amount that the tank holds. This is false advertising!
    I only have 14,000 on my prius but will keep an eye on my tires...Thanks for the input.

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