1. Consumer Affairs.com is just a blog board. It is full of rumor and mis-information. Alot by people who hate Prius. Probably Exxon Executives.

2. The fuel tank gauge is a problem, but just a minor inconvenience. Bottom line, don't try to drive around on an empty tank. Do you think the price of fuel is going to go down between now and next Thursday? FIll the tank, dummy!

3. The rumors of Prius failing in snow and slippery conditions are false reports, mostly by people who do not know how to drive!!!

Prius has traction control on the engine, similar to the skid control on brakes. You CANNOT do "donuts" in a Prius, or spin the tires at high speed. When the wheels slip the engine output is LIMITED, not eliminated. The engine DOES NOT "Shut Off" or "Fail" when the wheels slip, the throttle just backs off until the wheels stop slipping.

Note to idiots: Spining the tires in deep snow/mud just gets you stuck deeper. Slow and gentle rocking gets you out of a mud/snow bank.

AND in this respect, Prius ROCKS at rocking itself out of deep snow. There is NO REVERSE GEAR. The car goes in reverse by running the electric motor backwards. So the car lets you shift from drive to reverse to drive to reverse VERY QUICKLY. Far faster than any automatic transmission. The Prius is very easy to get out of a snow bank, IF YOU ARE A COMPETENT DRIVER.

Now the downside: Prius only has FIVE INCHES ground clearance. It is not designed for "off road" use. I have previously been driving trucks and SUV's for 20 years, so it did take a little to get used to not jumping curbs, or diving into mud pits. Just keep the Prius on hard surfaces and it will never let you down.