hello all! so i just purchased a 2008 altima hybrid. have had it for about two weeks. three days after i bought it, the 'service engine soon' light came on , and two days after that, the 'hybrid system warning' light came on (a little red car symbol with a vertical line going through it). i finally got time to take it into the dealer this week and they said it had a faulty solenoid valve and that it was an issue in the 2007 models. i asked if it was a problem after they replaced those. they said no, it was a one time thing so they put one on order and should be calling me in the next few days to take it in so they can replace it. anyhow, what i'm wondering is if anyone has had this issue before? and would that have anything to do with me not being able to get it over 32mpg in the city (los angeles) on a 12 mile drive to work on surface streets never break 40mph (not out of choice...out of...well, if you've ever lived in l.a. you'd know it's just a fact of life)? i love the car (especially coming from a ford exploder), but it's a bit distressing to have these issues right off the bat. someone...please offer me words of encouragement!