What country have we become ???. What kind of lawyers have been made in this country in order to come up with such a defence. Crimes against its own people. People that risk there lives to eat from a rich natural resource. And feed the best sea food to American What I'm talking about is the oil spill in Prince William Sound. After getting the punitive damages down from I Think 15BILLON to 2.5BILLION ....Than to say that it should not have to be paid at all, cause it happen in international waters .THIS WHY THE WORLD IS A DUMPING GROUND FOR THE RICH AND FAMOUS. if THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY DO VIOCE OUT MORE OUTRAGE ON THIS MATTER. We deserve every thing that nature can throw at us form floods to an massive Ice age that destroy the earth. not to sound damming but can you say to "let them go" . But Just to give you an Idea EXXON makes 2.5B net profit in 3 weeks too much .Show them at the pump DO NOT fill up with EXXON/MOBIL ,or VALAOR gas station. Do your part Tell them the world is not their toilet and Uncle SAM is NOT mommy