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    Fix For Navigation Speed Lock-Out Ver 6.1 and 7.1

    I found a guy who takes your 6.1 or 7.1 Nav disk and provides you with a backup which has the screen to disable the speed lock-out when using the GPS. I put a 7.1 in mine and boy is it great being able to use the GPS while driving down the freeway thinking of going to Starbucks and locating the next using the GPS locator while in motion. He can be located at cruisin@live.com if anybody is interested. I should mentioned it is available for most Toyota and Lexus models 06 to 08.

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    That is a great idea, as

    That is a great idea, as long as you have a co-pilot. My guess is that it is probably illegal since you are deactivating a safety device. That being said .... After the crash, the bodies resting peacefully in the morgue and the troopers having finished their investigation, I would hate to be you or cruisin@live.com. I also think that last individual needs to change his company name to "@liveandletdie.com; it would certainly be more appropriate.

    Thanks for your support!

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    I'm guessing that you JC

    I'm guessing that you JC either work for Toyota or have a distinguished legal career but certainly don't seem to be in touch with how people use cars and are clearly suffering from the same myopia that Toyota seems to have developed. First off, yes, it would be for co-pilot. Try pulling over in the middle of a city (assuming there is a place to actually pull over) with 200 cars trying to run over you, blaring their horns, and almost side-swiping you simply because your companion cannot use a $3000 add-on to find a safe path to your destination. Maybe you should be given this wonderful device and placed in a, shall we say, less than envious part of town around midnight, lost and unable to find a path to the freeway. I suspect you run a least as good a chance, perhaps better of being payed a visit by the local coroner. If you don't have anything constructive to say please spare us the editorializing.

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    The NAV DVD override disk

    The NAV DVD override disk available at cruisin@live.com for the Camry and Siena really works good. You can even use the NAV screen to dial your phone while driving down the street unlike the standard DVD. Also, this guy has a BACKUP camera for the Camry that works through the NAV system. Real NEAT.

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    You can do this YOURSELF for

    You can do this YOURSELF for FREE.
    You need the "LOADING.KWI" from a 5.1 Disc, and everything else from a 7.1 Disc.

    Don't get ripped off my people SELLING this stuff.

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    I can attest the DVD that is

    I can attest the DVD that is mentioned above really works good, and he just upgraded my Ver8 with the just released Ver9. I dont know how I could do without it. I also added the ROSTRA backup camera that works with the NAV system and is automatic. I LOVE IT.

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