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    machinery of a hybrid car

    hi.. i'm new here.
    and anyone brieftly explain the machinery of a hybrid car??
    how the inside machine works etc ..
    or anyone can suggest me any link that can provide me relevant information?
    really thx a lot ...

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    p.s. : would be more

    p.s. : would be more interested on how the electric machine inside a hybrid car works.. thanks

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    This website is a pretty

    This website is a pretty good place to start. Look at:

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    Dear wkleo I have driven my

    Dear wkleo

    I have driven my 2001 Prius over 130,000 miles with no problems.

    The Prius has many modes, but basically three. Power by the battery motor, engine or by both. The fourth and beyond involve the charging and power management of the system and is a little more involved. You need know nothing.

    I have driven it up mountains, and have driven it at 90 mph steadily for hours cross country. All doing normal driving like driving any other car. Driving from Los Angeles to Seattle poses no problems at all. The battery can, however, 'run down' at very long power outputs and will stop helping the motor while going up VERY long hills or at high speeds (over 90mph) going up grades but the engine will still be able to drive the car and you will not be stranded. When the road flattens out the battery then recharges. There is no problem driving from, say, Los Angeles to Big Bear, a climb of 7,000 feet unless the car footfeed is always punched (high acceleration around corners) while going up the mountain.

    Check out these sites
    They both have info on how a hybrid car works.
    and many other sites are available to teach you the basics.

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