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    2008 Presidential Candidate Stances on Hybrid Cars

    Obama: Seems to be a 'Johnny come lately' regarding the environment and fuel efficient cars. Has no serious record prior to running for presidency. Gave up his gas guzzler in Oct2007 after he realized it was politcally incorrect. I haven't heard too many specifics from his speeches on what he will do, generally he claims he will just support the developement of better cars and ethanol, yadda, yadda. He does want to change the tax credit for hybrid vehicles so that there is no cap by manufacturer.

    Hilary Clinton: Seems to have a longer track record than any other canidate and has put forth specific plans to advance fuel efficiency and energy independence.
    From http://www.hybridcar.com/index.php?opti ... 1&Itemid=2
    Investing $2 billion in hybrid car battery research
    Adding 100,000 PHEVs to the federal fleet by 2015
    Offering consumers tax credits of up to $10,000 for purchasing a plug-in hybrid

    John McCain: Inadvertently he could be the greatest proponent of fuel efficient vehicles and reducing green house gases. He is a firm believer in nuclear power as the main way to energy independence, something no other leader would dare say, even though its the only realistic solution. The next generation of plug in hybrids will need to get their electricity somewhere's. McCain would supply those plug-ins power from nuclear power, thus reducing foreign oil dependency and eliminating green house gas production.
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    I feel that the candidates

    I feel that the candidates should support our getting free of foreign oil... It is truly unpatriotic to drive a gas guzzler ( any 2 - 7 passenger car or truck that gets less than 20mpg) in this country. We are bearing massive amounts of loss of life and treasure to keep up this level of consumption.

    Instead of tax breaks for road destroying 6000 lb pieces of crap... we should give businesses tax breaks for vehicles that use little or no fuel everyday...

    When is a Semi truck company going to kick in a Hybrid semi... imagine the torque and climbing ability of a Semi rig with electric motors and a clean lpg or diesel generator to recharge the batteries... put some solar panels upon the trailers and add power for accessories.

    Government should subsidize this... better yet a conversion kit for old still useful trucks to get them over to hybrid powertrain...

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    Does anyone know if the

    Does anyone know if the Escape/Mariner Tax credit is still valid? I checked the irs.gov website but it only has a year old statement on the credit, which it said was still good. My Ford dealer (who would rather sell me anything but a hybrid) said the credit no longer applies to the Escape Mariner because they have sold more than 60,000 since they first came out in 2005, (~ 70,000 by now). I have been searching the web for more information on this issue but I have come up with nothing. Thanks for any help.

    I'll be voting for McCain due to his pro-nuclear power position. If France can be 80% nuclear there is no good reason why we can't be also.

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