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    Should gas Taxes Be Lowered?

    Is this just another case of deceptive electionering? Saying anything to get elected?

    McCain recently proposeda federal "gas-tax holiday" that would suspend the 18.5-cent federal gas tax, as well as the 24.4-cent diesel tax, from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

    Clinton supported McCain's proposal. She suggested paying for the holiday with taxes on oil companies with record profits.

    Obama has proposed the feds do nothing. He believes a tax holiday would do nothing to lower gas prices in the long term and could raise gas prices by encouraging more people to drive.

    Which would you rather have? A tax break at the pumps or let prices climb as usual.

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    On this kind of general

    On this kind of general public issues, taxes should be waved or decreased dramatically. The tax purpose is look for benefits for all the country, but in some cases, the cost of this benefits is shutting down the whole economy. Beyond taxes, huge tax deductions must be placed for those who buy and use products using alternative energy as hybrid cars.

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