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    A supervisor just contacted me today, and had the audacity to tell me "while it is unfortunate you are experiencing difficulties with your Factory Navigation System, (yeah like it doesn't know my home street address, so it can't give me turn by turn directions anywhere) Toyota WILL NOT Make Update Discs available to you FREE. Update discs are 'customer pay' items".
    Well Know, So What Do You All Think of That, So much for Toyota Quality & Customer Care?
    It is obvious to me that the money I paid for this Navigation System, WAS A COMPLETE WASTE, AS TOYOTA HAS NO INTENTION OF GIVING ME EVEN ONE LOUSY UPDATE DISC!

    So if you are gonna get a Prius DON'T BOTHER GETTING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM!

    It is interesting to also note that while my wife was at Office Depot, she input our home street address into both a Tom Tom, and a Magellon Nav. System and both accepted the address and gave her turn by turn navigation to our home, with no problem at all.
    Do yourselves a favor and Save Money, BUY THE AFTERMARKET NAVIGATION SYSTEMS!

    I genuinely feel "just so violated" of being ripped off by Toyota!

    So, as they say, and it surely rings true in this instance with Toyota, "BUYER BEWARE"

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    Please remember that TomTom

    Please remember that TomTom uses a different map source than most in car systems. TomTom uses TeleNav, but Most US based systems and nearly all incar systems use Navtech. My Acura also does not know my home address, but I just set it to a house very close that it does know. Eventually it will be known. On average, all maps are approx. 2 -3 years behind actual conditions.

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    2nd comment: 1. NEVER

    2nd comment:

    1. NEVER believe the manufacturers claim. Do the research first.

    2. Did anyone at Toyota EVER promise you free updates? Or do
    you just somehow feel entitled?

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    I purchased a 2006 Prius

    I purchased a 2006 Prius with the navigation system and did not assume that updates would be complementary. The update fee is disappointing: $250. It should really be in the range of $50 to $75. The system has worked well for me. There have only been a few occasions where entry of destination data was difficult. I do not plan to update the system unless they become more reasonable with the fee.

    Jim K

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    I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid,

    I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid, and am a bit flustered by the inacuracy of my In-Car Navigation system. You're right Toyota or my dealer won't do anything. The system does not recognize half the addresses I put in. I t found my home address but was a full block off, the actual Latitude and Long are correct but the location is off by at least 500 feet. If I continue toward my house it is identifying street numbers that don't exist now or have ever existed. The phone number search is also useless. If I enter my phone number that I've had for 12 years it identifies a beauty shop that does not exist. Quite often house numbers will be off by several blocks, it'll also direct me to things such as restaurants on the wrong side of the street. Some of the routing also leaves a lot to be desired. A few weeks ago I entered a location about 50 miles North of my house, it guided me to a highway exit about 8 miles South of my house to go North when there was an exit on the same highway just 2 miles away. In other words it took me 6 miles South to go North (or 12 miles out of the way. Yes, the highway and the exits have been there for about 20 years???? By comparison my 3 year old Garmin handles it all without a flaw.

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    The navigation system has

    The navigation system has worked well for me. There have only been a few occasions where entry of destination data was difficult.

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    You cannot believe how long

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