Try increasing your tire pressure like you just did by 2.5psi at a time till the ride is no longer acceptable to you. High tire pressure will only enhance other techniques such as gliding in "N" or "D", slow acceleration, faster and longer EV speeds and uses less HV battery energy.

If you looked at the remaining tread on my original Eco-plus tires, they were in great shape with almost 45,000 miles. High tire pressure slowed tread wear a great deal on my FEH. As I said, my tire pressure from the factory was 40psi and I seen tire ware fast till I went to 44psi. It got even better when I went to 50psi and my FEH also handles much better now.

If I had to choose from high tire pressure and ride, I would choose high psi and get cushions for my seats. Most of the ride problems seem to me are from noise from the suspension hitting road issues.