Met with John Dixson a new proud owner of a '08 Fwd Mmh who lives 20 miles north of me. I wanted to compare FE and other things to my '05 Fwd FEH when new and report my findings here.

John is running 35psi in his Eco-Plus tires, so coasting was not as good as my FEH with 50psi. He has just 1,100 miles on his Mmh , so it's not broke-in yet either. I took Johns Mmh on a ~20 mile RT to a nice little restaurant where we had lunch. I averaged 53mpg, which was about 12mpg better in my '05 back in the days with 1,100 miles on my '05 FEH . It's a winner folks! The ride, the looks, Nav sys and the comfort is so much better now.

Good luck John, you have a great vehicle and Ford is job 1!