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    Engine RPM sticks

    I have a 2006 HCH with 47000 miles. When using the cruise control and the engine RPM goes up over 4000, it will not drop below 4000RPM. The speed will stay constant. When I disengage the CC, the car will drop speed but the engine RPM stays at 4000 RPM. I can move the Trans selector carefully into neutral then back to drive the RPM will drop back to normal. This does not happen when the engine RPM goes over 4000 without the CC being engaged. This just started happening during the last 3000 miles or so and doesn't happen every time, but does so the majority. I changed the CVT fluid at 30,000 miles. Anybody have a clue as to whats going on?

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    abnitro: You should take it


    You should take it to the dealership and have them look at it. And tell them the exact details so that they can reproduce it. The key here is that they reproduce it successfully so that they can read the exact DTC code.

    From my experience, I would say you are likely to have a CVT start clutch control valve stuck in the OFF position. This happens mostly when the engine is already warm, right? If so, what this means is that the valve is either defective (very unlikely) or they will need to do a thorough flush of your CVT. A PCM update may also be in order here (it is actually recommended if applicable to your VIN).

    Do you live in hilly terrain? Drive in heavy stop-and-go traffic?



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    Yes it happens when the

    Yes it happens when the engine is warm. No don't live in hilly area, but the only time engine would pull this kind of RPM is going uphill. Used mostly in city stop & go traffic. Thanks for your response. I will take it to dealer and tell them your recomondations.

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