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    Way to go Mendel. That's

    Way to go Mendel. That's one load off your mind



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    BTW, sorry for highjacking

    BTW, sorry for highjacking this thread. Anyway:

    It seems every time I deal with the transmission fluid level, I have a hard time getting it right, and am never really confident that I've done it right. Honda has instructions for cold and hot level checks:

    If you're refilling a drained transmission, they say to add 2.8 litres (3 US quarts) of new fluid, and verify the level is between low and high lines on the cold side of the diptstick.

    Then, warm up the car (till cooling fan cycles), shut it off, and within 60-90 seconds, recheck the level on the hot side of the dipstick. Again, it should be between the low and high lines.

    My issue: I get the level right when the car is cold: fluid *at* high line on cold side. Then, after a good drive, check the level on hot side of the dipstick (within 60-90 sec after engine turn off), and it's very low. So I add fluid.

    Then, say the next morning, I check the fluid level with cold engine, and it's way above the cold side of dipstick high line.

    I'm thinking there is just something wrong in the dipstick design, that there is not as much difference between hot and cold levels, and the check 60-90 seconds after hot shut down takes place when fluid is still migrating around in the transmission, not settled down yet.

    Bottom line, I believe I'll stick to checking the fluid level only when the engine is cold, on the cold side of the diptstick.

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    Flip-flopped again. After a

    Flip-flopped again. After a carefu read through both the Shop Manual and the Owners Manual, have opted to set the CVT fluid level by both text's instructions, with vehicle warmed up, just after shutdown.

    For me this results in level showing too high on the cold side of the dipstick, say re-checking the next morning, but I believe it is the hot level that is critical. The text from the owner's manual follows. It's a somewhat laborious cut-and-paste from a very nice pdf of the owners manual I found online.

    A skill tester for MSantos : The Shop manual notes that there is a black dot on one side of the yellow foam rubber grip at the top of the CVT diptsick, and that it should be facing the front of the vehicle. I have no idea why this should matter. It's not mentioned in the Owner's manual. Any ideas?

    Anyway, here's the CVT fluid check instruction, per the Owner's manual:

    Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

    Check the fluid level with the engine at normal operating temperature.

    1. Park the vehicle on level ground. Shut off the engine.

    NOTE: For accurate results, wait at least 60 seconds, and no more than 90 seconds, after turning off the engine to check the fluid level.

    2. Remove the dipstick (yellow loop) from the transmission, and wipe it with a clean cloth.

    3. Insert the dipstick all the way into the transmission securely as shown in the illustration.

    4. Remove the dipstick and check the fluid level. It should be between the upper and lower marks within the HOT range.

    5. If the level is below the lower mark, add fluid into the dipstick hole to bring it to the level between the upper and lower marks.

    Pour the fluid slowly and carefully so you do not spill any. Clean up any spill immediately; it could damage components in the engine compartment.

    Always use Honda CVT Fluid (Continuously Variable Transmission fluid).

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    "A skill tester for MSantos

    "A skill tester for MSantos : The Shop manual notes that there is a black dot on one side of the yellow foam rubber grip at the top of the CVT diptsick, and that it should be facing the front of the vehicle. I have no idea why this should matter. It's not mentioned in the Owner's manual. Any ideas?"


    Good "test" question.

    If you look at the dip-stick carefully, it is keyed with a notched rubber/plastic seal (2/3rds of the way up from the tip). In other words, there's only one way to insert it correctly. If you do not insert it as recommended then it wont go down far enough to prevent foreign fluids and contaminants from entering the ATF cavity.



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    Yeah, that notched plastic

    Yeah, that notched plastic seal is the only thing I could see that was assymetrical on the whole thing, so I was thinking (idly) that might be a factor. It does seem to push down the same amount in both orientations, but maybe there is a difference.

    Hmm...: the orientation of the dot is *not* noted in the Owners Manual (only in shop manual), an oversight?

    Well, it's my experience that if I get the CVT fluid level correct following the hot check instruction (posted above), it is wildly high on the cold side when I check it later. In other words, *if* the hot level is correct, then something is haywire with the dipstick design: that the cold level marking should start at the hot high point, and go up.

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    BTW, the above is me

    BTW, the above is me

    Didn't know you could even post without logging in.

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    The battery warranty was

    The battery warranty was originally for 8 years/80K I believe. And has been extended to 10 years/100K -- plus in theory another 5% because of that Honda Odometer lawsuit. I hope they didn't make you pay for the new battery.

    The other non-hybrid parts were under 3 year/36K warranty. But the hybrid components have a much better warranty than that...they should know it too, at the dealer.

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    cvt tranny was reburnished &

    cvt tranny was reburnished & PCM upgraded. all of the sudden my big battery does not charge as quickly as it used to....! I am a sales rep and drive my 2003 HCH quite a bit. I know the car well. so, its not my imagination. the dealership denies any wrong. I do not use dealership for maintenance. went there to have "juddering" corrected. I have my group of techs that I trust. any suggestions as to why my big battery charge so slow now?

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    Hi rikfre: Did they perform

    Hi rikfre:

    Did they perform an MCM and BCM update at all?

    Typically, they are supposed to look into any such updates when servicing or updating the PCM & CVT.

    However, did you also try a power reset yet? If you have not then you should as that will enable a re-initialization of all the modules as well as give you an opportunity to perform a forced regen/calibration.

    To perform a power reset simply unplug the 12V battery for 10-20 minutes. Then plug it back in and enter the radio codes. Go for a very leisurely drive around the neighborhood (no freeway stuff) and return when the SoC is fully maxed out. If it takes longer than 20 minutes to max it out then have the dealer look into it.

    Also, make sure you minimize the electric assist for a whole week as much as possible. This means VERY slow accelerations and no jack-rabits... just to see if you can sustain the SoC at all. If it depletes too quickly then that may be a clue to take it in for them to look at.



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    MSantos, I did change the

    I did change the 12v battery. It was five years old. However, it was not disconnected for that amount of time (10-20 mins. )
    I do not know what the MCM or BTM updates are. The people who work at this dealer are not the brightest. They would not even explain to me what the PCM was. I had to look it up on line. I'm sure they did not perform anything else than required. Can you tell me what SoC means..?? Does it mean the big battery gauge? Since I am a sales rep and I use this car as my work vehicle. I did operate the vehicle and did perform some jack rabbit starts ( I run around NYC). I really appreciate your insights. thank you.

    PS. I will not return to that dealership. I sold within the industry and do not trust any of them. I was forced to do the tranny in the dealership by Honda corporate.

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