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    To MSantos, I just posted

    To MSantos,

    I just posted the previous comment. somehow my name was not included

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    Hi rikfre: No problem. It

    Hi rikfre:
    No problem.

    It appears that your dealership is skimping on training for their techs. Checking the software versions and updates is 101 hybrid tech stuff. Sorry to tell you this but they are not doing you any good. Please seek another dealership, hopefully one that has better service department management team.

    MCM= Motor control module (controls the operation of the electric motor)
    BCM= Battery control module (controls the power flow to/from the battery pack as well as operational maintenance of the battery pack)
    PCM= Power train control module (controls the CVT as well as the engine's active regimen)
    SoC= State of Charge of the NiMH (hybrid) battery pack. Shows the charge level of the battery pack.

    Anyhow, go through the power reset sequence first and let us know how the car performs (FE wise of course !!!)

    Then I would setup an appointment with another dealer and ask them to check the software versions and apply the outstanding updates (if any).



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    To all: I have the shop

    To all:

    I have the shop manual for the 2006 Civic, and have to say it is *riddled* with acronyms. It seems like companies go out of their way to give unwieldy 3 or more word descriptions to components and/or systems (where one or two words would do) and then truncate the description to an acronym which is unintelligible to the layman, and I suspect a lot of mechanics.

    Two things I think Honda could do:

    1. Make a concerted effort to reduce the acronyms.

    2. Make freely available, and printed in their shop and owners manuals, alphabetical lists of any and all acronyms.

    This latter task might wake them up as to just how out of hand the acronyms are getting.

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    to msantos, hey, the hard

    to msantos,

    hey, the hard reset did it. the car is back to normal. a tip of my hat and many thanks. I feel that the dealership was setting me up. it's not what they did, it's what they didn't do. where did you get all this info? once again thank you.

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    Hi rikfre; Glad to hear

    Hi rikfre;

    Glad to hear things are back to normal for you.

    The problem with many dealerships is lack of training (either through field experience or class-room time) and I doubt greed is a frequent factor in these scenarios. While it can be frustrating for many hybrid owners to endure proficiency gaps from their dealers it is also important to seek and reward those dealerships that chip in for proper training.

    One last thing:

    As I mentioned earlier, make sure you do not do jack-rabbit starts and aggressive driving for several days (or for a whole week) after a power reset sequence. The vehicle "will be in a quasi learning mode" for a while and it is VERY important to bias the adaptive algorithm towards fuel efficiency tuning as opposed to performance.

    The best is to avoid aggressive driving at all times if possible. But keeping the RPMS below 2000 (or even 1500) would be ideal if conditions permit.



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    to msantos, I will keep your

    to msantos,

    I will keep your advice in mind but driving around the boros of NYC its hard not to jack-rabbit. I wish I knew of a respopnsible dealership nearby. But, they are quite greedy around this area. believe me. they are like sharks that smell blood. it's awful if you are not aware of their ways. once again thank you so much.

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    I have a 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid almost 7 years old.
    My IMA and check engine lights just came on this week. The dealer told me it was about $3000 to replace the big battery and that he could get no deals to cover it. I am @ about 105K and I have read in some blog that CA has had a lengthening of the warranty so that it should be covered...how can I find out more details about this?
    I have also seen comments about that the problem may be just in the connections...how can they be checked?
    There have also been comments about software upgrades...can you specifically name them so I can inquire if they have been done?
    I was also cautioned against driving it and told it might just stop if I did not replace the IMA battery...what is the true story about safety in driving at this car age?
    Thanks much for your responses

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