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    Lease Conspiracy


    My current lease is up in a couple months, so I'm trying to do research on what car I should lease next. And I've become very very interested in the Prius. However, it baffles me when I see the quotes I'm getting for leases. I'm looking for a 36-month lease and the most recent quote I got from the dealer is $400 a month. That's for a package 2 Prius (which goes for about 23,000). My brother's gas guzzling SUV has a sales price of 28,000 and he's leasing it for 350 a month.

    Those numbers just don't make any sense to me. I can only guess its because the Prius doesn't have a long life and it's hard to re-sell a Prius? (either that or an oil-company/car-company conspiracy against cars that are good for the world, bad for profits)

    I'm just not sure why there's such a discrepency. Does anyone on this forum know what a good lease quote should be for my situation? (Package 2, 36-months, 12,000 miles).

    Thanks for any info you can offer.


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    You have to understand the

    You have to understand the way leasing works. A lease is calculated by the following 3 things.

    1.) Sales Price
    2.) Residual Value
    3.) Money Factor

    The payment on the more expensive SUV was lower because the manufacturer likely had a special money factor on that vehicle at that time. For example work a lease on a Toyota Tundra right now, and you will find that you can lease a $30k+ Tundra for @ $300 -$350 per month.

    This is due to the incentive offered by Toyota. As you can imagine Toyota is having no problem selling Prius' and it is not beneficial for them to put incentives on a vehicle that is often selling before it hits the lot. Please email me if you have any other questions or visit my personal website: www.EastTXCarGuy.com

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    This isn't the first time

    This isn't the first time someone has asked if the high prices on the Prius is because it doesn't last long or it's hard to resell - as someone who's researched this stuff it's mildly amusing to think that something would be more expensive because it's a lesser product. The Prius is a very reliable vehicle with a very high resale value.

    Consumer Reports gives the Prius a 5/5 on reliability.

    If you want another source, you can go so a website like cars.com and see what a used Prius is going for. In my area, the absolute cheapest rate I can find is a 2003 Prius with 62,000 miles on it for $15k.

    So does the Prius have a short life, or is it harder to resell? Absolutely not. It sounds more like the dealership is gouging anyone who wants to buy a Prius because it's so popular and there's a limited supply. Take a look at this official article from Toyota about their capactiy to build more Prius's this year:

    Hey, if I was getting gouged I'd consider buying another car to. But it's not because the Prius is a bad car.

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    Lonnie is right. There are a

    Lonnie is right. There are a few things that affect a price of a lease. Incentives and money factors are probably the biggest factors. And at the current rate that the Prius' are selling/leasing at, I do not see why any manufacturer (Toyota in this case) would put anything incentives on them. They are literally selling/leasing on thier own.

    The $390-$410 is actually about what the Prius package 2 is going for right now on a 36 months with 36000 miles lease. If I am not mistaken, the last time they did a special lease program on the Prius was back in April 07 (or at least in my area - Detroit) and only the people that were quick enough to the dealerships were able to get them (the 36 month with 36000 miles lease on a package 2 was at $315). We will probably have to wait for the next generation Prius to come out before we see something like this again.

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