Ok I'm and old time grease monkey and still love the old muscle. Nothing better than the sound and the raw energy of an old American V8. However my daily driver is a 1997 Jeep wrangler and it will stay that way. For everything I have to do and the places I go and the weather i have to do it in its perfect.But this is what I like to do to it. Hook up a direct drive electric motor to the transfercase so just like a fork lift the more you push the pedal down the faster it goes. Now I dont know what the torque output of the elec motor would be but I guess you could always gear it down on the axles or put a low geared doubler in it. I dont do any highway driving its all secondary and dirt roads so top speed around 55 would be the max I need. I do see some real problems ,how long would it last? wouldn't want it to quit on me in the middle of nowhere when it 5 degrees outside. That brings up the cold prob with batteries too. OK so first I would put a gas, ethanol or propane powered generator in the engine compartment above the electric motor. I'm sure someone is going to say diesel but ever tried starting one when its 5 degrees out I dont care if it has glow plugs there a reason why people just leave diesels running when it cold out. So the Genny is going to provide extra juice for the batteries. Now as far as the batteries are concerned I would make compartments for them not just one but many spread out on the jeep some in engine compartment some in the rear floor and up threw the floor one layer of the height of the batteries yeah I lose some room but thats ok. The gas tank would be reduced to maybe a 5 gallon for the genny. All the compartments would have some kind of electric heat in them so when I plug it in a night to charge the batts the compartment would stay warm. All the batt compartments would be sealed with vents that run to the electric motor and genny compartments which would also be completely sealed and they would have two vents an air intake and exhaust basically just and air exchanger that are hooked up to two snorkels that run to the roof. So If I could do this and get 100 miles of the initial charge then with the genny get 6 full charges off of it thats 600 miles I know this might be stretching it but maybe not I can run a 3000 watt genny for 6-8 hours on 3 gallons. If it was possible thats 120 miles a gallon. I really want it to be a propane genny runs more efficient. Just for a last little note for anyone reading this. I am not some green tree hugging peta... I love noisy smoke inducing smelly gas sucking V8s. But everyone wants to save money and I hate giving money to the oil producers over there(I'm trying to be nice) Also the technology that is going to make things "green" well its going to come from and be be built by the guys and girls with grease under there finger nails and that understands the "feeling" for are beloved gas V8. So you want to make cars cleaner great I with you but leave are classics out of it. There not just a car. God bless America and may we always be free.