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    Safety Response to Emergency Responders

    Hello, I am an EMT and we just had a class on the Hybrid SUV. It is quite a system when you look at all the volts and other wires inside the frame of the vehicles. I was wondering if anyone has any other pictures and designs where as an emergency responder who has to open some of these vehicles with the Jaws of Life and would like to teach more of us all the safeguards and anything we might encounter so we do not hurt any of our personnel and also safety of the occupants. We are in the process of purchasing voltmeters rated at 1,000 volts and also other extrication safety equipment.

    Thank you all for making this vehicle as safe as possible and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was wondering the same

    I was wondering the same thing, and i found this website to be most helpful in all of the aspects you were asking about. It has info about the diagrams of vehicles from different manufactuers and info on where power shutoffs and airbags and power lines are located.

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