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    Will any CVT fluid work for my car

    A friend came across a deal on transmission fluid and I told me I should get it for my 2007. Does this stuff get bad if I don't use it for say 1-2 years?


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    Honda did not outsource the manufacturing of the HCH-II CVT components to the same degree they usually outsource transmissions for all their other vehicles. Many of the HCH-II CVT parts were developed and manufactured "in-house" by Honda, in order to guarantee the level of performance and reliability they projected for the 3 Gen CVT transmission.

    It is because of this, that their CVT transmission fluid is VERY unique and formulated specifically for the CVT in our HCH-II cars. As per Honda's own servicing directives, no other fluid is really recommended even if it was manufactured for CVT equipped vehicles.

    I would humbly recommend you do not feed it anything else but the correct Honda CVT fluid. So yes, no matter how low the price is, it is likely not worth it.

    I cannot say much about the "shelf life" of any fluid without reviewing the "specifications data sheet" for the product.



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    Have a look at the last sentence on page 195 of your Owners Manual:

    "Always use Honda CVT Fluid (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid)"

    We've had our '06 over 2 years now, and have yet to get an indication from the Maintenance Minder that Transmission Fluid change is needed, with around 20,000km per year.

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