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    2003 HCH Oil Change Indicator

    I remember reading somewhere that you shouldnt change your oil in your hybrid until the oil change indicator comes on. now does my 2003 HCH have the one that lights based on the oil life, or is it one of those that go on and off by the amount of miles and can be reset?

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    Hi sinanalo:

    If memory serves me right the HCH-1 has a "maintenance required" that blinks when a maintenance threshold is reached. That threshold is governed by the accumulated mileage and does not infer on the expected state of the oil as it does on the HCH-II.

    The "maintenance light" on the HCH-1 can be reset as follows:
    1. With the car off and key out of ignition push and hold MPG change button
    2. Insert key and turn key to "on" position (do not start the car) while still holding the MPG button down.
    3. 10 seconds later the "maint req" light will flash ON and OFF
    4. When light is OFF, turn the ignition to the OFF position. The "Maintenance Light" counter should now be reset.



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