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    GaryG. hold onto your

    GaryG. hold onto your comment about the Escape plant moving to Mexico. Reading the posted data, one realizes the non-hybrid 2009 Escape vehicles are going to be starting in June of 2008. The hybrid and non-hybrid Escape both share the same body and components other than the hybrid ones. Based upon this fact, the hybrid Escape would have to be built in Kansas City. It would cost Ford a fortune to dial up the Mexican Plant for both the Fusion body and Escape body and this doesn't make sense at all especially when the hybrid version is 20,000 units. I believe the reason for the delay deals with Ford needing to purchase the hybrid components for not only the Escape but also the Fusion. Could there be a "lag" due to Sanyo hybrid battery production? could Ford be getting a "better" discount by purchasing more units at one time? Is Ford waiting for payment on the sale of Land Rover to help purchase these hybrid components?

    I'm the same guy that lives in Southwestern Pa but am currently in Northern Wisconsin (good 18 inches of snow on the ground) due to a cancer battle a family member is slowly losing. That is another matter.

    As for the AWD question, I have it and it is unlikely you will ever get stuck. You indicate the driveway goes up to the house, then I assume it means you back down the driveway and this fact should ease your worries. The electric motors you refer to have lots of torque at low RPMs. Where you live, a Northeaster Storm may dump a lot of snow in a very short period of time. However, when these occur, warnings are posted to stay home until the roads are cleared.

    Gary also mention Ford is experiencing changes internally and with their dealership network. That is true. Something has to give when you lose the money they have in recent years. Those waiting for the new 2009 Escape Hybrid have no alternative other than purchasing an different hybrid. A potential lost sale for Ford is ture. My experience with salestaff at four different Ford dealerships last year was the sales staff pull out the "numbers" sheet and try to convice you it is cheaper to buy a non-hybrid. I'm glad I didn't listen very hard to this sales pitch.

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    Slow down a bit. The

    Slow down a bit. The "donlen" site is a fleet site, and when my employer ordered some FEH's, it took about 6 months for those vehicles to be delivered compared to the 3 months for the one I ordered. All dealers are not given the same priority, and I'd guess that fleet sales could have a lower priority as well.

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    Regarding the inquiry about

    Regarding the inquiry about an FEH in the snow:

    I live in Southern Wisconsin and we got MORE snow overall than Northern Wisconsin this winter. On more than one occasion I had to back out of the garage through a good 12 - 18 inches of snow. My 2008 FEH went through it as if it wasn't even there -- in reverse.

    The drive train doesn't seem to care where the torque is coming from, all four wheels get power if they need it.

    This was our first winter with this Escape (we've had 3 before this one) and it seems to handle deep snow better than any previous Escape that we've owned. (This is the first one we've had with automatic 4WD, the others were either FWD or manual 4WD.) I've also been very impressed with the braking on snow and ice. The ABS on this Escape engages more smoothly and works more effectively than any car I've owned.

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    Hi Eman Hope your right

    Hi Eman

    Hope your right about FEH/MMH fleet purchases, but like Billy said, the standard Escape dates didn't changed. There is only about 20 days till orders start and there are still no information on options or cost of the '09's. I've seen many post now where Ford canceled '08 orders, and their saying dealers are not being told when the '09 orders will be accepted.

    When I ordered my '05, orders were not taken till Feb '05 here in Florida. The dealer my broker used was alloted to order two in Nov '04 here before the public, and they sold me one of their allotments which arrived in Feb. '05.

    I agree we don't need to jump to conclusions because we're going to have to wait and see what the Ford website post and the dealers are told.


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    Hi There: Thanks mdensch for

    Hi There:

    Thanks mdensch for the comment about the snow, it really worried me. The wife has a Malibu and backs out of the driveway as well. Theres a kind of an anti slip for the front wheel drive which really freaked me out when she could not get out of the driveway one day. Neat but sometimes doesn't help unless I get the dirt out. My current 4 wheel drive backs out without a problem with the same conditions, but I have manual hubs. It was the technology of the time.

    I'm hoping that when in reverse and the front wheels begin to slip that the back wheels willl activate. Thats what I am hoping for anyway.

    For GaryG and Billyk. Today we went to checkout an 08 escape non Hybrid, just so she can sit in it and compare to the Santa Fe. She thought the Santa Fe was more like a miniVan. She thinks the Escape is more like the Rodeo than the Santa Fe was. I had forgotten how much I liked the interior of the escape since test driving an 08 hybrid a while back. But she seems to think that the cargo room will be OK. I lose 10 cu. ft. with the escape but thats better an the Vue.

    Anyway Sorry I digrese. I spoke to the sales guy about the 09's, he said that currently Ford has a commitment to NY city TAXI's. I guess those orders have to be filled by some date.

    I agree with that, we were down there recently visiting some friend, we went to Manhatten, (I love it but can't stand to drive there), all of the public buses are running on Natural gas. I think there is a real commitment by NY to get all the public transportation to Green.

    Anyway, that might be the reason for the wait.

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    I actually know two people

    I actually know two people that have the Santa Fe for vehicles and one lives right behind me. Both of them have high praise for he vehicle except for one item: Gas mileage. They report arouind 14 miles a gallon overall and maybe 20 mpg on the highway. It is true the Santa Fe is larger than the Escape but I am unsure what the weight difference is.

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    This internet link is from a

    This internet link is from a Kansas City newspaper: http://news.edgar-online.com/news/fi...=KNIGHT-RIDDER

    that reveals the Escape Hybrid will be offerred this summer. The link is old 1-22-08 but state the Escape Hybrid will be built here not in Mexico.

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    Hi Billy Not sure that news

    Hi Billy

    Not sure that news paper is correct about the FEH/MMH and most likely doesn't understand the difference between the 2.5 gas Escape. Here's what I mean:

    "The new Escape Hybrid also will have a 2.5-liter engine that will boost horsepower 11 percent."

    The paper doesn't quote anyone from Ford directly like all other news articles did and the others were careful saying the the Escape and Mariner 2.5L boosted horsepower 11 percent. I've been carefully reading all the articles to find any information on what horsepower if any was gained on the Atkinson version of the new 2.5L. Same thing with only the 1mpg gain on the gas Escape/Mariner, I've been waiting to hear Ford say what MPG gains if any were with the 2.5L FEH/MMH.

    Sounds like the news paper got their information second hand from a local Ford dealer or salesman. We all know the quality of information we got from the Ford dealerships.

    That aside, I spoke to my vehicle Broker again today, and there was no news from his fleet manager he deals with. He confirmed one reason there is a delay with Fleet Purchases was Ford puts a priority on retail sales. Those that want to get their '09 FEH/MMH ASAP, may want to ask dealerships if they were alloted any, and if they were for sale. Today, I ask my Broker to check on this so I could put money down on one and change the options and color after it is waiting to be built. This is basically how I got my '05 FEH early.

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    Isn't this the

    Isn't this the problem:

    "Ford suspects it may be getting squeezed out by its Japanese rivals. With the fall launch of the gas-electric Mercury Mariner, Ford is tripling its hybrid SUV lineup over three years. But its transmission supplier, Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd., can boost deliveries by only 20 percent, to 24,000 transmissions annually." http://detroitnews.com/2005/autosins...A01-272872.htm


    "Aisin Seiki Co., an affiliate of Toyota Motor Corp., plans to increase its supply of core motor systems for hybrid vehicles to Ford Motor Co.....The Ford Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid are equipped with Fordís first-generation transaxle, which Ford developed jointly with Aisin AW...Aisin has supplied dual-motor systems to Ford since 2004, with shipments currently reaching around 20,000 systems a year...." from

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    Hello everyone. This is my

    Hello everyone. This is my first time posting a comment, but I've been reading many of them for the past few weeks. I've been checking out hybrids for a couple months, and after reading about the improvements on the '09 FEH & MMH I became very interested in them. In the meantime I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the vehicle, so I went about finding an '08 to drive for a firsthand experience. I quickly found out how elusive they were, but I was lucky enough to contact a salesman from my local L-M dealer (North Coast in Willoughby, OH) who was about to get one in. I drove it last month and came away generally impressed, but reaffirmed in my desire for an '09 that I could order the way I liked. While I have decided to wait, I thought someone might be interested in getting one immediately. I drove by yesterday, and it's still available. If anyone's interested they should contact Jarred Hill at sales@northcoastlm.net for more info. It's Kiwi Green w/4wd , leather , and moon and tune. I hope this helps someone out. I have a couple of questions of my own that someone may be able to answer, but I'll post them in a more appropriate topic. Until next time, happy motoring ! DD

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