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    2004 HCH CVT- Best car I've owned

    Hi. This is my 1st post here in maybe a year.

    I've owned my 2004 HCH since Jan 18, 2004.
    I'm an ex-crazy driver, used to tailgate @ 85MPH, jam the brake only to floor it again. My HCH replaced a '94 Dodge Spirit, rated 24MPG but drove it into the 16's.

    I was so intrigued by the economy potential of my new car that I spent the first two years training in hypermiling. From 2004-2006 I averaged around 65MPG, and my own personal MPG record is 1,003 miles and 74.9MPG calculated for a single tank of gas.

    (The average meter cut me short: 1003.4m/13.4g=74.9MPG)
    The record was made under near perfect August conditions. No rain traveling off-peak hours, and at 3AM one can drive as efficiently as they please.

    Since then my commute have changed to more "normal". I drive 50 miles to work, from rural N ga into the city of Atlanta. It takes 1.25 to almost 3 hours to drive that distance due to traffic.

    Because of the time envolved, I no longer do any of the very extreme mileage techniques I used to. I generally keep my speed down and ride the Right lane(s) and follow basic economy principles.
    My tires are pumped to 50lbs which creates a very hard ride, but no other issues. The last set wore evenly and were replaced at 80,000 miles.

    My new commute and attitude yields around 60MPG summer (Intelligent use of AC), and around 55MPG this winter. I haven't driven on any snow/ice, and temps this winter have usually been around freezing in the morning and 40's for the evening commute. My car parks outside under a carport.
    My trip is very hilly but not mountainous.

    My car now has 111,000 miles and have had zero problems. Tires lasted 80,000 miles, original brake pads still have plenty of usable life ahead, When I change my oil @ 7,000 miles it is still on the full mark, and it still starts/runs/drives as if just off the lot.
    I've been using Memoirs Gold (Sorry for the spelling) auto polish and except for a few front end sand-chips, looks new.

    At this point all of my previous cars had been completely wore out.
    A lot of it has to do with changes in driving style, but I've been 100% impressed with my car.
    Sure there's a few things I don't like: Windows don't move unless the ignition is in the "run" position, a few minor rattles, etc but things I can live with.


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    Hi Steve;

    Nice to hear from you again.

    You've been nothing less than an inspiration for hundreds (if not thousands) of HCH owners. Talk about persistence and commitment !!!

    You know... your story just helps underscore the basic requirement for one's satisfaction with a hybrid vehicle:

    A smart vehicle needs an equally smart owner to realize and even exceed its potential.

    Way to go !!!


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