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    Is the Lithium Battery Ready for Electric Vehicles?

    Is the Lithium Battery Ready for Electric Vehicles?

    In our lithium work at TRU we have proactively studied and read many reports on the readiness of the lithium-ion battery for HEV and EV. Most expert opinion says that in about five years 2013 the technology will be ready and as a result the electric vehicle market will take-off like the proverbial hockey-stick. Yet none of these experts can explain succinctly why they expect this breakthrough to occur. If you have the explanation we would like to have it and I am sure the readers of this forum will too!

    Also if you are a company developing lithium batteries for electric vehicles please contact us at TRU urgently. We are engaged now - January 2008 - in developing a long range 2020 forecast of the lithium market and could include your company in our technical review of electric vehicle battery technology.

    Please contact me through this forum or visit our website trugroup.com.
    he link to the TRU Group Inc lithium page is

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    That's because most of those experts do not know what they are talking about. This is simple, you can wait for someone else to develop "the technology" or just go do it.

    When it came to a hybrid battery, Toyota refused to wait and forced it to happen. Took quite a bit of hammering on Panasonic to think car battery instead of toy battery....but they did it for NiMh and are doing it now for LiIon.

    When Tesla needed an EV battery, they just went off and did it.

    There is absolutely no new "magic" breakthrough needed. Just the hard, intensive engineering necessary to take the perfectly adequate technology available now and apply it.

    The same was true for concentrated solar plant. The new technology was "5 year" away until LUZ built nine plants.....15 year ago. And they are still in full operation now.

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    Practically every major

    Practically every major electronic related break through in the commercial industry came from Military/Gov. R&D. GPS, Transistors, high speed computers, larger memory, flat panel displays and on and on. The point being, battery technology ehancement can make a major contribution to military aviation, ships/subs, tanks, vehicles etc by eliminating or greatly reducing the need for gas while increasing pay load by reducing vehicle/aircraft basic weight. At the same time operating cost will be futher reduced due component reduction and related maintenace time. Therefore, it would definitely behoove the government to develop this technology which the commercial side could then capitalize upon as it has so often in the past. Having offered this, if you think the fight for going beyond the EV was something wait until the fight to overcome the strangle hold by the oil companies on our government that will most likely prevent this from happening occurs.

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    There are considerable

    There are considerable research works currently going on.But it will take a lot of time before this dream can be realized.

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