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    2008 Prius Touring Inoperable Auto Door Locks?

    My Owners Manual States in Section 6-2 Customization To The Automatic Door Locks Can Be Programmed to Lock Automatically In Drive or at 15mph. MINE DO NOT DO EITHER?
    Dealership Purchased At Tried to Reconfigure them but the links shown on their computer ARE NOT LIVE and they are unable to change the lock programming in any way.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is any kind of "fix" available for this Safety Hazard?

    Toyota Customer Care (after many emails sent them back and forth) claims that all the 2008 Prius Automatic Door Locks PROGRAMS CANNOT BE CHANGED BY THE COMPUTER?
    From what I can find out THIS FEATURE HAS NEVER BEEN ON ANY PRIUS FROM 2000 ON! BUT This year the auto lock IS LISTED IN THE BROCHURE!

    They state and I quote; "even though this customized feature is listed in your owners manual, your 2008 Prius Touring DOES NOT HAVE CUSTOMIZABLE FEATURES to automatically lock all doors by shifting the shift lever to any position other than Park"???
    The "Automatic Door Lock Feature" is also listed in their brochure and on line as well?

    I am thinking that this is in all actuality a "CarJackers Dream Come True" Anyone can just walk up to this car and open any door!
    Use the door panel button lock to lock your doors or your screwed!
    This is surely the most rediculous thing I have ever heard of Toyota doing.

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    Personally, I hate any car that automatically locks or unlocks my doors at any time. I want to control when and how I or anyone else gets in or out of my car. Electric locks aren't so difficult to use that one can't lock the locks whenever it seems appropriate.

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