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    Are PHEV fillups more expensive than gas fillups

    Will the electric bill be more expensive to fuel a 40 mile trip or a gas fillup for $3-$5.

    I haven't seen any data on the Volt which should have an overnight full battery charge providing 40 miles of driving. What sort of electric bill will I expect for this overnight chargeup? Is it more or less than a hybrid car gas fill up for 40 miles travelling?

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    Electric rates vary considerably more across the country than gas prices. The simple answer would be about half the cost per mile, but so many specifics could change that dramatically. (Big difference between Hummer and Prius per mile cost even before comparing electric.)

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    Estimates for plug-in vehicles range from 2 to 3 cents per mile for EV's such as the RAV4EV while a gas RAV4 costs about 12 cents per mile. That's about a 4:1 savings.

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