Hello to all,

I'm considering purchasing an 08 FEH. A few questions I'm pondering:

1. I was wondering if by getting the AWD FEH, would there be a significant loss in gas mileage?
2. Why are EPA estimates always lower for an AWD vs FWD? Isn't there an option with AWD vehicles to be used in FWD mode only? If so, then theoretically this vehicle in FWD mode should be getting the same fuel economy as its FWD counterpart, right?
3. Does the AWD FEH have higher ground clearance than the FWD version like how trucks do?

Please help me with this. I'm excited to become a hybrid owner and my new job has me driving to contruction sites every now and then. It would be great to have the best of both worlds (SUV with FE!). I want to make sure that purchasing an AWD FEH would be the best decision for me.