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    12volt charging port

    I did not realize (until we started using our portable DVD player for our 2yr old grandaughter) that these accessory ports are powered off when the ignition is shut off. I am guessing this due to the smaller battery size. Is there a way to make one of them "hot" all the time? This would only be to keep the DVD from reverting to a complete restart after being powered down or to keep a cell phone charger going (would avoid the phone from going thru multiple charging cycles if the charger is attached during multiple stops and starts). I do not want to defeat something Honda has engineered for a good reason - just wondering if there is another possabililty.

    I continue to be impressed by the friendly advice found on this forum.

    Have a good day. Richard

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    Hi Richard;

    Almost all newer cars now come with relay switched power outlets.
    But as you suspect they are very necessary on the Civic hybrid (Prius as well) because the 12V subsystem operates under a very delicate balance. The battery is barely able to sustain the vehicle's operating envelopes and anything else thrown in as a load, either helps erode the fuel economy or dangerously drain the 12V battery.

    Tapping into the live 12V power rail is very easy though. You can do it by using a fuse tap and plug it into an empty fuse slot on the cabin's fuse panel. The ground wire can be acquired from any ground point in the cabin as well. There's a couple just behind the steering column. Just make sure that when you plug it all in together that:

    1- You have a proper inline fuse on either of the wires.
    2- You monitor the power usage and stop the drain before you deplete the 12V battery too much.

    One thing I have done, was to supplement the 12V subsystem extra loads with a couple of solar panels. This is one way of ensuring that my fuel economy is always ideal and that the 12V battery remains as topped off and healthy as possible. It may work for you as well.



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