Got HCH 2008 a couple of weeks ago. I'm very proud to be a part of very small but very sincere eco friendly community like you guys. Thanks for all the comments and suggesstions on HCH! I love this vehicle. I'm feeling my wallet way heavier than 2 weeks ago.. Now, I'm filling HCH once a week with 10 gals. vs. 5 times every 2 weeks with 17 gals

Does any one know how to trick auto stop feature in 2008 HCH so that it won't 'Auto stop' while stopped for a second or less? I think it is really annoying and waste of gas because I heard it burns as much gas to restart engine as to keep idleing the engine for a couple of seconds. is that true?

HCH goes to Auto Stop mode while going out of drive way, where Stop sign is not posted. Auto stop kicks in as soon as vehicle goes down to 1-3 mph. I admit, 'Auto Stop' feature is really a nice feature and it is very good for environment and for the wallet. Want to know, how much negative impact of frequent auto stop has on the life of the engine?

Thanks in advance!