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    IPOD on a 08 HCH w/ Navi

    I recently purchased a 2008 HCH and have accumulated 2k miles. After reading the articles referenced in this forum my mileage is improving (39mpg on latest). After driving through several inches of snow a couple weeks ago I quickly discovered that the Dunlops were good for FE but they were terrible in the snow. So I ordered snows on alloy wheels and put them on this past weekend.

    My question is on IPOD hook up. I have the Nav system and I currently have the IPOD hooked up via the AUX input. Works, but it is not integrated and doesn't charge the IPOD. Is there a better way to hook it up so at least it will charge?

    Thanks in advance, Stosh

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    ipod charging

    There are a couple different ways to do the ipod: you can buy Honda's apple link, which is installed in the glove compartment, for around $200. I didn't choose to do that because the salesperson said it was still a little buggy, but it's supposed to show you what music is playing and allow control from the steering wheel and/or touch screen. Instead, I have a universal charger that has swappable tips (for cell phone, ipod, etc.) that I keep in the console. Plug the ipod into the aux. and only charge it when needed, which doesn't seem to be very often unless you drive a lot.

    I also like the card feature. You can put a lot of music on a 1 GB compact flash card and control it from the steering wheel and/or touch screen.

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    I saw that the Honda car radio comes with a 6-disc changer that can read not only CD records, but also MP3 or WMA compilations.

    Have you any idea of how many hours you can record on 6 Cd full of MP3 (@192 kbps, for example)?...

    Why do you need the iPod with such a wealth of music capacity available without tweaks or expense ?...

    Just asking...

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