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    Hi, If your car has


    If your car has automatic try down shifting to second "S" it will keep the Auto Idle Stop/Restart from happening when Your at that busy intersection.


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    I have a honda hybrid 2005.

    I have a honda hybrid 2005. They suck ass. 33.4 MPG HIGHWAY ONLY. The car is bullshit.

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    I have a HCH 2010 and

    I have a HCH 2010 and getting 51 sometimes 52 mpg in the summer. Now it is winter the mpg has dropped to about 43 to 45 but I have yet to up the tire pressure and block the front grille. Hoping for 47 at least, and vwey pleased with car.

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    I have the EXACT same

    I have the EXACT same problem. The most I've seen is 36 and I have gotten 29 even. I average 32 I'd say...
    pretty disappointing when I expected 50!

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    We own a 2008 Civic Hybrid

    We own a 2008 Civic Hybrid and this is the worst car I have ever owned. First off, I had to replace 2 tires at 16,000 miiles. The dealer said it was because we weren't rotating them enough which is a crock because we rotated them when they told us to rotate them. I replaced the other 2 at 28,000. Now, if I have a crappy set of tires, I can guarantee you that I can get a minimum of 40,000 out of them before they need to be replaced.

    Second, the salesman told us, and was backed up by the sticker, that we could get 50 mpg no problem. The best I have ever gotten was 48 mpg and that was because I was drafting a semi. 40 mpg is a good average.

    Third is the handling. This car handles terrible on wet roads or snowy and icy roads. This is NOT a car for anyone who lives in a snowbelt state. I live in MN and have done so all my life so driving in snow and on ice is nothing new to me. This car is actually scary to drive in either.

    Lastly, is the comfort. This car is very uncomfortable to drive or ride in for any period of time. The seats are very hard and ridgid and the suspension doesn't soften anything either.

    THe lease on this car is only 2 months away from maturing and I am happy to say that we will be returning it and walking away. This was a bad deal from the start and will be good to get out from under. Needless to say, we will not be getting another Honda.

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    My mileage has dropped

    My mileage has dropped noticeably since my last service appointment and I noticed on the receipt that they used synthetic blend oil this time instead of regular oil. As far as I can tell, both kinds are 0w-20. Any reason why that might make a difference?

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    Honda is great for thinking

    Honda is great for thinking their customers are stupid. My mileage went from 40 mpg to 25-28 mpg after a software upgrade last year. I took it into the dealer last month and had it checked for malfunctions, and of course they found none. They told me they got 40 mpg after driving it 5 miles. After I picked it up, the mileage dropped like a rock back to between 25-28 mpg. which I have experienced since the software upgrade. I wrote their corporate headquarters and got a canned patronizing response from one of their trained customer complaint reps who told me the conclusion was that the degradation in the mileage was due to my "driving habits." My driving habits have not changed and certainly not changed significantly to cause such a severe drop in mileage. I got the same patronizing b.s. when I experienced a defect in their windshield glass. Time to buy a Prius!!

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    I have had my civic hybrid

    I have had my civic hybrid for one yr now and LOVE IT! Would never trade it in for anything. My gas mileage is great!! It averages 41 mpg and has gotten up to 53mpg! They are good reliable cars and I would reccomend them to anyone who is looking!

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    I just got my Honda and I do

    I just got my Honda and I do not like it either, I was better off keeping my SUV, MDX, I only get 30 miles and it said I would get 50,

    I am with you guys on this to make sure no one buys this car,


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