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    With all due respect M.

    With all due respect M. Santos, this is a bunch of crap. I live in SW Florida and I have the same problem except I was getting 50mpg in the beginning and it's tailed off to 28 MPG now.

    Dealer can't find the problem and has given me all sorts of excuses on why this is the case...

    They say...

    My driving... but I am the same guy who got 55mpg and drive the same way on the exact same fuel
    Oil change must be done at HOnda...I did the last 3 at Honda, no difference
    Special hybrid tires... Did that too and it increased MPG to 32
    Too much weight in care --- Boy are you guys grabbing at straws. I am a salesman and I had brochures in the truck weighing 50 pounds. I weigh 215 pounds and drive alone. I took out the Brochures and had my wife drive for a week and there was no difference.

    We are now in a lemon law fight and I believe there is enough evidence to win. I will tell you this much, I will never buy another HOnda. YOu have treated a loyal customer poorly and to me it's obvious that when you buy a hybrid car, you are paying more for more gas mileage... period.

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    Finally advice from M Santos

    Finally advice from M Santos that makes sense ! I am and will sure Honda. What M. Santos does not mention is that a man in California has been allowed to sue Honda over mileage and the claims that Honda has made.

    Normally, federal law offers some protection for car makers from being sued over gas mileage, but the court has allowed this plaintiff to file suit over Honda's claim the car get over 40 mpg.

    In the suit, the appeals court said that the Plaintiff has present evidence that Honda and Toyota have tried to get their MPG stickers lowered due to all the complaints.

    I think all of us should file lemon law suits. It cost the consumer nothing and it cost Honda plenty. You can only do this in the 1st 24 months of ownership. If you are out of ownership, you can file a regular lawsuit and really drive Honda crazy.

    Go to the courthouse and look up another lawsuit filed by an attorney, then change the names of the parties and file it. Cost about $80 in most places and then Honda will have to respond and it cos them thousands. If we all do this we can drive Honda into the ground.

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    Scott, I have had the exact


    I have had the exact same experience. I was gettign 50 mpg at first and now it's 28 mpg. It increased to 32 mpg with the new tires and all the updates Honda said I needed to make.

    I am in a lemon law suit and expect to win. I have done the 3 repairs and they can not find any problem. I went to another deal who told me that there is a service bulletin on the rods for the back tires and the morons at Honda did not even mention the bulletin at any of the 5 repair visits.

    If you have a lemon law in Canada, use it.

    Honda has settled with outer owners in states with Lemon laws especially ones with tough penalties.

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    Exact same problem for me,

    Exact same problem for me, except I bought a 2008.

    Same issues, same results. Got 50 MPG in the beginning and now it's 28. Just got a bump to 32 with the expensive new tires I purchase that dealer reccomdended.

    They hooked me up to the computer and could not find a thing.

    They said it was my driving, the weight in the trunk, oil changes by other shops... everything they said I did their way, no change.

    I even unloaded the car and had my wife drive it for a week. She is 110 pounds and I am 215 pounds so you would have thought if it was weight, that would make a difference.

    I have nto tried to rig the car so it can be tested without a driver yet, but I am sure Honda will suggest it too.

    I live in SW Florida so climate should not be a problem. I even had the same problems with the rear passenger door that had to be fix.

    I believe that Honda and the dealers are hiding something.

    File a lemon law complaint.

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    Same issues, same answer

    Same issues, same answer from Honda.

    Hurry and file a lemon law complaint before you own it for 2 years.

    Some 2008 Hybrids like mine also have faulty rear rods that quickly wear the tires.

    If you are lucky, you live in a state that has high lemon law penalties and Honda will have to buy back your car. Then never buy another Honda.

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    I wish that my vehicle could

    I wish that my vehicle could get 32.5 per the gallon instead of 18 miles city and 20-25 miles highway.

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    To all on this site, forget

    To all on this site, forget M. Santos and her support for Honda's endless excuses. Today, there is justice as I won my lemon law case against Honda forcing them to repurchase my 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid.

    Up until 30,000 Miles, my Honda Hybrid actually performed better than the EPA sticker of 40-50 MPG. I was getting 55-60. Then came the first routine maintenance at 30,000 miles and that software update.

    After that my mileage dropped to 27 MPG. From 6-09 to the beginning of 2010, I brought my Honda in to the dealership a total of 5 times because of the poor gas mileage.

    As if M. Santos and the Honda dealerships were all rehearsing the excuses from the same talking points. My dealerships told me the following.

    #1 It was my driving... Of course I was the same guy who got 55 MPG in the beginning
    #2 I did an oil change outside the dealership... But then I did the oil change with Honda and nothing changed.
    #3 I must have used gasoline with more than 10% ethanol in it.... But I was the same driver, using the same gas, driving to the same places the entire time and still got 55 MPG in the beginning.
    #4 I had too much weight in the trunk.... I am a sales guy and had a box full of brochures in my trunk. I really had to laugh when I pointed out that it is a four door family car and I am the only person driving it. Surely that 50 lbs is more than offset by what 3 other passengers would have weighed.
    #5 I had the wrong tires on the car.... They actually were right on this one ! My original tires wore out after 6 months according to them because of my poor driving, but, when I went to a different dealership and asked if there were any recalls or service bulletins I was told about the rear axle rods that Honda told the dealerships to fix because it wears out the tire prematurely

    So even it this case it was Honda's deception or incompetence that made them fail to tell me about the service bulletin and in fact used it as a means to explain away the poor Gas mileage.

    If you look on the internet, you will find many complaints about the Honda Civic Hybrids and the poor mileage. You will also see Ms. Santos defending Honda in every case.

    What you need to do is file a complaint against Honda. In most states this is free of charge and done within the lemon law process. I live in Florida and my state is actually harder to gain consumer protection than other states like California or Oregon where the Honda might even face penalties.

    You have only 24 months in Florida to file an action with the Better Business Bureau and then with the state itself if you are not satisfied with the BBB's decision. In my case I won in the first round as the judge was outraged that Honda's only defense was that they checked all the systems on my car 5 times and did not find anything wrong.

    The judge rightfully pointed out that just because they did not find anything wrong does not mean there is nothing wrong with the car.

    Next Honda tried to hide behind the Federal exemption auto manufacturers have when it comes to the EPA ratings. Honda, like all auto makers have no liability for complaints about any differences between the EPA mileage and the actual mileage.

    Here too the Judge was spot on saying that normally Honda would be protected in such cases, but that I had purchased the technology to get better gas mileage and instead got the same mileage as a standard civic.

    It was the parts in the car that made the car get better mileage that was in disrepair and the judge agreed.

    Honda's final attempt to escape culpability was to say my claim was ineligible because I used my car for commercial purposes and that auto makers warranties do not cover commercial use. Here too I argued that I was simply a salesman. The car I purchased was used like any other car. I did not go off-roading with it, did not haul with it. I just drove from place to place as Honda would have expected any consumer to do.

    The fact that I did this as a salesperson is irrelevant. The judge agreed here too.

    Bottom line is they have to buy back the car and pay me $5000 after I put 50,000 miles on it.

    I say kiss my ass M.Santos and Honda. I will never ever buy another Honda. Not because it's not a good car, it's is... I have owned many Hondas and were happy with all of them but this one.

    But the way Honda corp and the dealership treated me made me feel like I was simply a prescription away from a half way house.

    bottom line is don't trust M. Santos and don't trust Honda.

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    I have a 2008 Honda Civic

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, and I get right around 44 mpg. I'm positively happy with this. It definitely beats the alternative... 17 mpg in a Cadillac Seville. So, I'm getting better gas mileage, and definitely not dumping as much nastiness into the air.

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    Robert Di Giorgio no matter

    Robert Di Giorgio no matter what anybody says about the HCH you will not be happy. That's fine everyone has an opinion but you are crossing that line into a board troll. The difference is that board trolls lose all their credibility. There will always be someone that is completely satisfied and almost obsessive about sertain brands and models of cars. You are not going to sway them buy calling them out on the carpet. Glad things worked out for you but now your presence on this board is turning a little toxic. If all you have is bad things to say then maybe don't say them. Honda Civics are far from lemons as you call them. Not sure where you can go from here these days? Maybe go buy a Prius and see what happens? Or go buy a Chrysler product and see if you even get 30,000 miles of trouble free and exceeding mileage enjoyment out of it before it poops out it's transmission. And guess what Chrysler will say? Not our problem! It seems to me that you just can't be satisfied so move along. I come here to get info and service help and to find out what the norms are for these cars. Then I have to weed through postings like yours as Crack Pot. Sorry but that's how you appear.

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    hybrids are a total waste,

    hybrids are a total waste, the tax cut and the difference in fuel economy will only benifit you if you keep the car for a decade, idk bout the normal people but 10 years is alot on a daily driver and im going to say the batteries will most likely need to be replaced in this time also at least once

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