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    Keep in mind, anyone who

    Keep in mind, anyone who complained about the gas mileage will be rewarded in the class action lawsuit with a hefty sum of $100. WHATEVER!

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    getting 45-50 mpg is not

    getting 45-50 mpg is not difficult to get from a HCH in the warmer months....make use of the gauges you have....good real time feedback on what's going on with your vehicle with respect to the terrain you are on.....average during the winter months with temps on the teens 40-43...improves to 45+mpg with temps 30 degrees above.......that makes sense..colder weather..you don't get that much combustion with your gasoline..pure gas vehicles suffer more......much much less mpg for them.....also........i always use shell gasoline.......good combustion with their gas products.......other gas stations....nah forget it....feels like you are going up the hill everytime with every acceleration....not much force.....try it you guys! guaranteed you'll get the same result....

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    The Canadian EPA states

    The Canadian EPA states 4.2L/100km Hwy and 4.7L/100km City and I doubt they did all that to the car to get this mileage. I can only get best 5.8L/100km and I drive normal without much care. My worst is 6.5L/100km and I have done no Engine Block Heater or Blocking of front grill. I believe you should get EPA with car bone stock so I am a bit disenchanted with the mileage claims. I am still very happy with my HCH11 because its mileage is still way better that a normal Civic LX. Just not prepare to do the extra to get 4.0L/100km or better. I bought the car to drive from A to B and sometimes I may be late for an appointment so some aggressive driving maybe needed. I do not want to be a slave to hypermiling, just enjoy driving my car.

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    So, I just got my '09 Civic

    So, I just got my '09 Civic Hybrid, brand new, yesterday -- and while I was driving it around today, I looked at my fuel gauge and it was clocking in at rates varying from 10.1 - 8.8L/100km (per above the CAD EPA stats 4.7L/100km city)! Granted, I'm transitioning to the Hybrid, so maybe I'm still adjusting to the Hybrid way of driving (i.e not accelerating out of a full stop), but do you guys think this is worth reporting to Honda right away? Or should I give it a few more days to adjust my habits?

    Any other tips would be appreciated!


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    Its amazing how many think

    Its amazing how many think they should get the same mileage as EPA's without driving that carefully controlled sequence of starts, stops, cruises, and all manner of controlled conditions. We've tried on a couple of occasions to duplicate the test sequence and could not come close. The computer controillerd test is to have a fair compasrison betrween vehicles, not approximate every driver's driving that few of us do .
    Hilly country, city traffic where other drivers interfere, lead feet, prolonged idling, incorrect gears, will all interfere with good gas mileage. Its not hard to get mpg 25% less than the EPA rating. In fact its rather easy.

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    Our expereince with a 2006

    Our expereince with a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid:

    - Started out getting about 45 MPG highway and 40 MPG city.
    - Every time Honda put in new software our mileage went down, we now get only about 29 city and 38 highway. We have relatives who get better mileage with a regular Civic.
    - The cell battery drains to zero six seven times a week without reason, leaving the car severely underpowered. This started after they put in another software update and the dealer has not been able to fix it despite working with Honda headquarters.
    - We are on our second battery pack, the first one died after four months.
    - Our friends with Prius models have none of this kind of trouble.
    - Customer service at Honda headquarters NEVER returns calls despite numerous letters to the President of Honda/North America.
    - The fact that they settled a class action suit regarding lower than advertised mileage should tell you something.
    - At our last service appointment, one of their saleman told us not to buy the new hybrid Insight, that the engineeers had not yet figured out to make it work consistently well.
    - After 30 years of loyal Honda buying, we are done with them, given the poor quality and poorer service.

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    I have a 2005 Honda Civic

    I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with 128,000 miles and have had absolutely NO problems. I love the car, and If I drive it right in the summer can get 52 mpg. It's all about how you drive it (like a bicycle)
    My question is This is the second time I have had the oil changed and they have put in the wrong oil weight. (The last time I left them a note specifically asking them to put in the corrrect oil!)
    So will this damage the engine?

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    What is the correct oil

    What is the correct oil weight for your car, OW20 per the HCHII, and what weight did they put in, 5W20? The HCHII says 5W20 "may be used" in a pinch.

    If they used 5W20, or even worse something like 10W30, your mileage will definitely suffer. Other than that I think it will be ok.

    But, I would approach the dealership and ask them to put in the correct weight of oil, free of charge. If they refuse I would contact corporate Honda in your area.

    My similar issue with our dealership was they repeatedly put in 4 liters when doing oil and filter change. The spec. is 3.2 liter. First off, extra oil is detrimental to the engine, raising the level too high. Also, that oil is quite expensive. They also argued with me every time I asked them to comply with the Maintenance Schedule, which says to change the oil filter at alternate oil changes, not every change.

    Ultimately, I gave up on them and now do my own changes. I find 3.0 liters is sufficient for changes, regardless of changing the filter or not.

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    Honda ranked third in

    Honda ranked third in overall brand perception among consumers in the 2010 Consumer Reports Car Brand Perceptions Survey; it ranked second in the quality perception category. Interesting comments about mileage. See if you agree with where Honda ranked in the other categories at this free article from Consumer Reports: www.crautobrandsurvey.com.

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    >I have a 2005 Honda Civic

    >I have a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with 128,000 miles and have had absolutely NO problems.

    The MPG problems that are being reported here are in the 2nd generation models (2006+). Honda has made changes to the programming for the 1st generation (2003-2005) cars and the 2000-2006 Insights. These cars are not affected as much as the 2006+ cars are, probably because of the electric-only mode in these later cars.

    52 is excellent for a CVT. If you had a manual transmission ULEV (I think only 2003), you should be able to get in the low 60s on the highway because of lean-burn mode.

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