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    Hey all, I have a 2006 HCH.

    Hey all,


    Thought I would post on here a quick synopsis of my Honda story. For the first 50,000 miles my car got roughly 42-45mpg on average. Then over a 2-3 week time period it drastically decreased and is only getting 32-34mpg on average.

    1. I took my car to local dealership and told there was not a problem. I thought to myself ok it's not too bad yet I will just keep an eye on it. Of course it got worse, so...

    2. Take my car back to dealership. They tell me they duplicated my issue. Called Honda tech line who told them they were working on a car with almost the same issue. Tech line told them they replaced the battery and loaded new software into the car but neither one fixed the problem. The dealership's resolution was to WAIT for a fix? Hmmm.

    3. Called honda corporate. Was told to get a "second opinion" so I took my car to the only other dealership in Tucson, AZ (Dobbs Honda) who told me they also duplicated my problem, called Honda tech line, Tech line faxed them a Questionnaire surrounding my problem that I needed to fill out so they could fax back to them and then I needed to wait.

    4. Called Honda corporate back, was asssigned a case manager who I spoke with about my IMA issues and he said he would talk to the dealerships and tech line then get back to me within 1 week. He called me back and told me my car was "operating within normal circumstances" and that there was nothing wrong with it. Heat can cause it to start its safety feature which automatically turns itself off so it doesnt get damaged, etc. He also told me to read page 76 (I think that's the page) of my manual.

    5. I stayed in contact with him (Morris is his name, my case manager) over several months, continued calling and expressing my dissatisfaction. Finally today he called me back again and I had a rather lengthy discussion with him. Told him I wanted either my car replaced or a $4000 credit applied to the remainder of my loan because if I wanted Civic EX gas mileage then I would have purchased a Civic EX for $4000 less than a Hybrid. He basically told me to screw myself, wouldn't give me his supervisor's name and extension, etc, etc, etc. He and Honda corporate are a joke.

    I told him I was going to no longer purchase Honda products, no longer refer people to Honda, no longer get my 2 Honda's serviced at Honda dealerships, file a NHTSA safety complaint, file a BBB complaint because I was blatantly lied to regarding Honda tech line's MYTH car that EVERYONE is told they have worked on, consistently send letters to corporate, my local dealership, and finally contact KGUN 9 News on your side here in Tucson, AZ to try and get my story aired.

    Thanks for listening to my story,

    Tucson, AZ

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    Hi Sean; Sorry to hear about

    Hi Sean;

    Sorry to hear about your experiences. I just wish you had gotten the best of the dealerships in the nation to deal with and in many cases that is how a bad hand is dealt to a consumer. It happens all the time with all brands and makes. I say this because it is very unfortunate you cannot share the same ownership experiences so many of us have.

    Would you want to have someone in your area (with driving experience in these cars) give you a second opinion? As you may know, many of the service people in smaller dealerships do not drive them and hence can't tell when something is normal and adding a noticeable lack of training does not help at all either.

    Here's my point: If we can find you another HCH-2 driver in your area and you are willing to let them look at your car and even drive your car with you as a passenger then you would know if something is truly amiss... would that help? We can this a "clinic".
    In my experience, there's always a good reason (or reasons) for the mileage to drop like that. The question is: Can we see it? More often than not, we can and demonstrating it is best.

    Anyway, you can try here for a start too:

    Failing to find a pleasing solution, you can always sell the car too as it should fetch you a good deal more than any other of the same age would.



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    Quote OK you want

    OK you want suggestions for Richard & other skeptics?

    1. Remove the back seat and spare tire & tools and all extra weight in the car including floor mats.
    2. Drive in your underwear and loose weight.
    3. Only drive on days with no headwind.
    4. ALWAYS tailgate 18-wheelers and SUVs!
    5. When going downhill shift to "N".
    6. Remove your front license plate.
    7. Very very gently accelerate onto freeways.
    8. And finally, ALWAYS coast like a glider to your destination when possible.

    end quote

    Very funny/LOL

    But this does bring home the fact that you must do all the stuff in this forum to get that great mileage and BTW your vehicle has to be in perfect mechanical condition. Any defect will hose your mileage big time.

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    My 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

    My 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid was getting 48mpg in the summer. It is now at 32mpg in the cold midwest. This is rediculous and I've brought this up to the dealer. They say the car is running fine. BULL! Its lost 32% in mileage and I will continue to take it back. I'd rather have a plain Civic and not pay the expense of a poor mpg hybrid!

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    Hi all; Getting 32mpg in the

    Hi all;

    Getting 32mpg in the winter while its summer mpg was higher at 48, is very normal. In fact, every car suffers the same way because in the end, it is all about physics. It may be hard to understand the relationship for some, but with a bit of knowledge it will be easy for most to understand what is going on.

    Now, are there things that can be done to minimize the effects of the colder weather? You bet, there are several you can do and its is all up to you.

    The regular civic and any other car will literally guzzle fuel at a much faster and higher rate under the same conditions.
    The sad aspect of all this is that those cars don't tell you their MPGs and if ignorance is bliss then their owners will never even know it.
    If that approach makes you happy then perhaps a regular car is better for you.



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    2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

    2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Owners:
    Honda is aware of an issue with the control arm, however, they are not giving a recall notice. I was told they are not making the owners aware of the problem, because it is "intermittent".
    I went in for an oil change and tire rotation at 14,000 miles, and was told that the inspection indicator on the dash was requesting that a full vehicle inspection be conducted. Since my gas mileage had went from 41mpg to 34mpg, I agreed to pay the $150.00 to Sunnyside Honda in Parma OH for the inspection. My vehicle at that time was only 8mos old and straight off the boat directly to me.
    Following the inspection, I was told the control arm was defective, and that both rear tires needed to be replaced as a result. The dealership would only replace the control arm and not the rear tires, since the vehicle was over 12,000 miles.
    I contacted American Honda customer relations and was told that the tires would not be covered. Why? Because I did not get a tire rotation sooner, and furthermore, that factory Honda tires do not have a mileage rating. This ill logic was the case managers conclusion for not covering the tire replacement. Overall, I paid out over $300.00 for Honda's negligence.
    As you can well understand, I am not a happy and proud Honda Civic Hybrid owner at this time. To all that read this, I hope you will get the control arm checked. This is a grave safety issue and Honda Motors is severely negligent to its Honda owners. Personally, I feel they're customer care philosophy, is customer care"less".

    Since then, my gas mileage has further decreased to 32 miles to the gallon. I'm absolutely disgusted because I could have saved a lot of money by purchasing a non-hybrid vehicle, and probably with higher gas mileage.

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    FYI Weather conditions have

    Weather conditions have not increased my mileage. I have since moved to NC, and had the mileage drop to 32MPG.
    Honda should be taken to court, with someone representing all those who paid more for less.
    Any attorneys out there willing to take on Honda Corporate?
    I'M IN!!!!!!!

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    Thank you so much for

    Thank you so much for sharing your story!! You are not alone. I've posted my story as well. I've never been treated so rudely/insignifigantly by a customer service (case worker) representive. It made me so angry that I actually broke out into a rash. It also inspired me to write as many posts as possible to bring awareness to other owners. Like you, I want compensation. I deserve compensation. I definitely feel wronged, scammed and discarded by the Honda Corporation.

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    That last post was in

    That last post was in reference to Sean Gerner's story and post.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi C Wagner: Honda and other

    Hi C Wagner:

    Honda and other manufacturer's are constantly being taken to court for exactly the same reasons. In fact, there have been several well publicized cases recently that gathered a lot of national attention.

    In the end, the courts end up ruling in favor of the companies and the reasons why... are very educating indeed, perhaps a clue for anyone considering future class action suits:

    - There are many more owners whose experience contradicts the claims and will intercede on behalf of the manufacturer. For whatever reasons, this does not help the plaintiff's case at all.
    - Honda and other manufacturers simply advertise the mileage numbers provided by the EPA. No more no less. Perhaps suing the EPA would be the smarter thing to do as repeating other peoples mistakes is hardly smart.
    - Customers lose their cool too quickly and the "good will" that was there previously disappears before the case is even escalated to the corporate office. While this is not the case in all situations it does happen often enough to serve as a warning to those who prefer to burn bridges along the way because they're right and entitled and everyone else is wrong. Remember, always check an alternate dealership before insulting the staff at your current shop. Record and note all they say and use that with your exchanges with the corporate office. Carry your exchanges cordially and as factually as possible and that "good will" will be there for us as it was for many others before.

    Lastly, locate and talk to other HCH-II owners in your area. By doing so, you not only have a comparative opportunity available for free but you may actually learn a few critical things you could not learn from the dealer.



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