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    Wow, I will have to try

    Wow, I will have to try switching gas stations; I get better mileage when I use Shell versus the standard gas station on base. I know Shell has some special formula; do you know if Arco does anything special with their gas? I get 45+mpg with some large hills and 48+mpg with mostly level roads, these numbers are 50/50 city/hwy.

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    I was told to use

    I was told to use Chevron,Shell or Union 76 only but so far have only tried Chevron.

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    I was told to use

    I was told to use Chevron,Shell or Union 76 only but so far have only tried Chevron.

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    Couldn't resist: For Those

    Couldn't resist:

    For Those Of You Havng Trouble I Get 48 Mpg Computing A Full Tank Of Gas. I Drive 32 Miles To Work One Way. There Are Some Nasty Hills But I Take It Easy On Them And Beside Rush Hour Traffic Keeps Me At Around 50 Mph Since The On Ramp Is On A Large Hill.

    I Have Noticed That When I Cruise I Tend To Let Off The Gas A Little Instead Of Holding Steady Pressure; You Have To Learn How To Play With The Car. Keep In Mind That It Took Me Aournd 31,000 Miles To Learn How To Use The Car Properly.

    I Try To Maintain Consistancy When I Drive; I Do Not Tailgate Because You Will Have To Slow Down And Speed Up A Lot Which Is The Civic Hybrids Worst Enemy Next To The Hills. If You Go Trough A Lot Of Stop And Go Traffic Or Are Constantly Slowing Down And Speeding Up Then The Prius Would Be Better For You; The Civic Hybrid Is Better For The Hwy Or Roads That You Can Maintain Speed For Awhile Without Slowing Down.

    Choosing Your Routes Can Help Out A Lot But Not Everyone May Have That Choice. The Route I Take To Work Has A Steep Decline; I Put My Car In "N" And When It Goes Over The Speed Limit I Will Put It Into "D" To Charge The Battery As It Helps To Slow Me Down. Of Course On The Way Home I Have To Go Back Up That Hill But I Take The Slower Route And The Incline Is Gradual Unlike The Route I Use To Get To Work.

    The Return Route Also Puts Me On The Hwy In The Same Spot Where The Decline Started For My Going To Work Route Which Means That I Dont Have To Tackle The Hybrid Killing Hills.

    Like I Said It Took Me A Long Time To Figure It Out And You Cannot Get 40+ Mpg As Soon As You Leave The Gas Station. You Have To Drive Some Time And Let The Distance To Fuel Consumption Ratio Increase To Give You A Better Ratio. Whenever You Are Pressing On The Gas Pedal You Will Lose Large Amounts Of Gas In Any Vehicle.

    What I Don't Like About The 2007 Civic Hybrid Is That It Was Not Designed For California Hwy Speeds; Anything Or 55 Mph Deminishes My Mpg Because The Cars Gear Ratio Is Not Set Right So You Have To Maintain Constant Pressure On The Gas Pedal Which Again Means Loss In Gas, A Few More Gears Would Be Great Honda But Other Than That I Love The Car!

    I Just Went Back And Read A Few Other Posts On This Forum, I Guess I Have More Work To Do If They Are Getting Those Numbers. Some Of Them Are Saying That The Car May Have To Be Broken In, That May Be Why I Didn't Get 48 Until Recently At 31,000 Miles.

    Since Everyone Is Compary Toyota To Honda In This Forum The Prius Is Cheaper But I Have Driven Both And The Civic Is More Luxurious And It Looks Way Better But I Guess It All Depends On The Personallity Of A Person.

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    Wow... I am on my second


    I am on my second Civic Hybrid. My first one (2007) I owned for about 10k and consistently got 48-52 mpg. I purchased a second one after my first was totaled and the mileage has never been quite as good. I have never even gotten close to 50 mpg, I had been averaging 42-46 mpg and recently after my last service this dropped to 32-36 instantly. It has been 3 weeks since the service and still nothing. It has had some really strange symptoms too, very loud in mornings regardless of temperature, and has felt like it was going to stall a couple of times. I have suspected they placed the wrong oil all along, but I am not sure. I called the dealership and am still waiting for a reply.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    If you are getting such

    If you are getting such lousy gas mileage there is only two possibilities - there is something wrong with your vehicle or you have driving habits not conducive to good mileage. The EPA estimates are based on certain driving habits - most of which are not how people drive. However, assuming there is nothing wrong with your vehicle, you can easily obtain 40+ miles per gallon and with very careful driving, you can even exceed 50 miles per gallon. I, for example try to not hit the brakes except when necessary and allow the engine to coast down long before I get to a red light. I try to keep the vehicle rolling through stop signs (when safe) and try to time redlights so that I don't have to stop. There is really no inconvenience in doing this but most people will approach a light while continuing to hold their foot on the gas until they need to brake. Also, most people accelerate quickly from the red light (often to just run up to the next so they can come to a stop again). I always try to keep the car rolling. I drive about 45 miles each way to work on the Atlanta freeways with plenty of stop and go traffic and several redlights. Even with this, last week I managed 4 days of staying over 50 miles per gallon and can usually count on obtaining about 47. A few years ago I had to make a 45 minute trip across Camp Pendleton each day; lots of low speed limits and coasting allowed me to get over 60 miles per gallon. The moral of all this is that you need to alter your driving habits if you want to get the gas mileage"promised". None of these habits make me get to my destination any slower (e.g. the person who races to the next red light just to come to a full stop doesn't get ahead - in fact, I often roll right by them as they have to come back up to speed.) Also, if you are going excessive speeds i.e. above about 75 MPH, you will begin to really degrade your gas mileage. Wind resitance increases with the square of velocity i.e. the energy needed by your engine grows exponentially with speed. Driving around 65 on level ground without acceleration should show about 40-45 mpg.

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    "If you are getting such

    "If you are getting such lousy gas mileage there is only two possibilities ". I would add at least one additional possibility being temperature for those of us who live in colder climates. I generally show 50+ mpg if the temp is above 50 degrees F. 43-48 mpg when temp averages 25-45 degrees. We had a few particularly cold days in Ohio this week at 5-15 degrees F and I averaged 36 mpg even with a long highway trip over 130 miles that gave the engine a long time to warm up. I'm wondering if anybody on this board has attempted the old school method of blocking the air intake with a piece of cardboard to help keep the engine warm?

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    Good point about blocking

    Good point about blocking the Intake.

    See here for this and other winter specific tips:

    and here...

    Merry Christmas to all.


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    Harris is right on. Driving

    Harris is right on. Driving behavior is about half of the MPG game. Work on improving your hypermiling technique and you should see better results.

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    I have never seen less than

    I have never seen less than 47 mpg on my 07 hybrid civic.
    Normally, I receive 50+ around town and higher on the road. I watch my MPG indicator, to insure I stay above 50 mph, while driving. Whats' the rush.

    Remember, you purchased this car for good mpg, so drive it that way.

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