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    I am not a rude person,

    I am not a rude person, however you are very ignorant (uniformed) and havent paid a attention to a word. someone says something and you dont even check to see if they are correct. EPA lists mpg, manufacturers follow them. They have no reason to argue with EPA results. People told you where to go to see the prius complaints for yourself. Many many people put there average mpg which some even as good as the original 49/51. So they dont get as good of gas mileage in the cold. I am sure by your personality (naive and angry) that you drive your car like you have a sports car. Nobody is taking note of the things you say because other posts by many people contradict yours. How can you keep saying it is a scam when i just got done reading atleast 50 posts on different sites noting up to 50 mpg ratings? I believe that you had a bad experience due to different variables i.e. weather, driving habits, etc. sorry if I seem rude, but you dont seem to comprehend much.

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    The Honda Civic Hybrid does

    The Honda Civic Hybrid does indeed get close to the posted mileage. The shame is that you could have gotten even better mileage if you would have bought the first version of the Civic 2003 or 04 because they came in stick shift. Here in Virginia it was nothing for me to get 50 or 53 mpg on the highway with the stick. But they went to all automatics and I mistakenly bought a 2006 version. With that car I average a solid 42 or 43 mpg. On the highway, driving around 70 mph to Florida, I got around 43mpg.
    Here are some things to be sure to do. Drive sensibly. No need to mash the gas or race to stoplights. Keep your tires inflated to max. When replacing your tires, go with the factory replacement tires and no others. Try to calculate your mileage by hand. Your computer might be in error. The mileages on each car can vary wildly. But I've never heard of 32mpg! That's absurd. Did you buy the car brand new?
    I am disappointed that the CIVIC does not sustain 50mpg, but 43-45mpg is much, much better than any of my other friends' vehicles. Again, driving from Richmond, VA to Daytona FL, I was able to get all the way to the southern tip of Georgia on one tank of gas, running the AC with wife and luggage aboard.
    I await the PLUG INS

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    Hi Peggy; We can certainly

    Hi Peggy;

    We can certainly arrange for a clinic if you live in my area (Winnipeg and Manitoba).
    If you do not, then I suggest you ask at CleanMPG.COM and we'll be happy to direct you to a clinic provider in your area (if one exists).

    Lastly, you can ask your dealership to see if they offer any Hybrid driver training. Many dealers never heard of anything like this but others have developed very good relationships with hybrid clubs and other experts in their areas that often work very well for new hybrid owners.



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    The stickers mileage

    The stickers mileage information are based on constant terrain and environment conditions.If this conditions do not apply then the mileage may vary.This is how the company will speaks. It is a sad thing that a good car has a low gas mileage.

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    Hello MSantos My 05 civic

    Hello MSantos

    My 05 civic hybrid was getting around 460 miles to the tank for quite a while and then a week ago it went way down and now i am only getting to 400 miles and im out of gas. This has happend 2 tanks in a row now. Nothing changed at all in the past week which is the really strange thing.

    What would you guess might have gone wrong mechanically? Could the IMA have gone out? The car is at about 73000 miles now.

    Im planning it on taking it up to honda but as weve seen in posts here the people working there seem to give wrong info on hybrids way too often. So please help if you can!


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    Are you in the Northern

    Are you in the Northern Hemisphere?

    The reason I ask: your mileage drop could be due at least in part to cooler weather. The car's computer is aware of outside air temperature and delays the start up of "hybrid" behaviours as the temperatures drop. This will have the most effect on miileage if you're doing short trips. Regardless of trip length, there will be some downturn in mileage in colder weather. Also, wiith fall and winter comes more rainy days, and wet roads will increase the rolling resistance of your tires. FYI, our '06's mileage always deteriorates in winter.

    The more I think about the above, the less plausible it sounds: if you've had the car since new you're more than likely aware of seasonal fluctuations in mileage. Anyway, I'll just leave the above as is, there might be something worthwhile in it

    A question regarding "i am only getting to 400 miles and im out of gas":

    Are you literally running the tank dry? IMHO this is bad practice, for countless reasons, both mechanical and safety related. I'm assuming you actually mean "i am only getting to 400 miles and the low fuel light goes on", but just thought I'd ask.

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    Hey Mendel, I am in Texas

    Hey Mendel,

    I am in Texas and it did get cooler a week or two ago which is what i thought the reason for it was. But then the cold front left and now we are back in 60s and it hasnt changed a bit. It was all very sudden which makes me think its a mechanical thing. And no i dont actually mean i drive it until i run out of gas...though the last tank was close!

    Anyway im going to try to take it in today, its weird im actually hoping something IS wrong with my car for once cause that will be better than not knowing whats wrong !

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    And when i say we are in the

    And when i say we are in the 60s i mean at night, 80s in the day so still very warm

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    I guess "winter" in Texas is

    I guess "winter" in Texas is kind of a no-show I'm up in lower mainland BC, Canada.

    Just grasping at straws: any recent visit to your dealership (ie: wrong oil grade, lowered your tire psi to spec., too tight parking brake, etc.)?

    Yeah, 400/460 is a signif difference, hopefully the dealership will have some ideas. MSantos will likely check in on this and have some thoughts.

    Hope it get's resolved.

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    Our 2008 HCH use to get 5 to

    Our 2008 HCH use to get 5 to 5.5 litres per 100k (highway) when we first got the car (June 2008). We now have been averaging 6 to 6.5. City driving also dropped 1 liter from 6.5 to 7.5. Good mileage but not as good as it was when new. We were told the mileage would get better when the car breaks in.

    We have not had any service work done yet. We have original oil that still displays (30%) so we have not changed the oil yet.

    We are also noticing some mild surges just before coming to a stop. The surges are quite common but usually occur when coasting in to a stop sign. Any ideasÉ

    Just looking for reasons.

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