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    Hi Steve; The mileage you

    Hi Steve;

    The mileage you are getting is not that bad considering the challenges you are up against. In fact, I think it is pretty good especially when you take into account that had it been any other car it would be worse for sure.

    Short driving distances accompanied by a lot of stop-n-go is a true FE killer. Any chance of picking an alternate route possibly even avoiding the freeway and heavier traffic areas? It is at times like these that a good GPS unit is the most useful.



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    REPEAT POST! (Time is now

    REPEAT POST! (Time is now urgent.)

    Can you, MSantos, or perhaps anyone else out there *please* tell me whether it is okay to purchase an '03 HCH?

    I don't know what year Honda started making these vechicles, but I assume that they've learned a lot and have made a number of modifications since. So I'm nervous about purchasing an '03 model, as they may not have 'perfected' the system yet.

    (I found one with a salvage title for $7900 with 90K on it. The body work has been repaired, and the car looks great in photos. I'm going to see it tomorrow.)

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    Hi LMorland; Sadly, in our

    Hi LMorland;

    Sadly, in our experience any salvage titles of this type are not worth the trouble they usually bring to their new owners as many have lost the Honda Certification and warranty.

    Many of these "salvage" vehicles are repaired by average to bad mechanics (non-certified) and other unscrupulous corner-shops who's only mission is to make a fast buck and they could not care less about who is going to get stuck with these cars.

    However, if the vehicle is Honda certified and the warranty is still active then have it assessed and validated by a good Honda service department. If none of this is possible or feasible then AVOID this car at all costs.

    Cheers & Good luck;


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    I just wanted to say THANK

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU MSantos for answering all these questions all the time. Considering this is something you are doing for free that you don't have to be doing is very nice of you. You helped me and lots of other people, thanks for your help!

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    I bought a 2008 Honda Civic

    I bought a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid in January. I don't drive like a grandma! I live in the North East. I have a very short commute to work (2 miles). On my last road trip I averaged 47.5 MPG (mostly highway). Living in the city, I get much less around town (Anywhere between 30 and 43). YES, the Prius is better with city driving (my aunt has one), BUT the Civic was cheaper, with still the Federal incentive, plus I liked the look far more than the Toyota. The Auto Off is my favorite feature, but I wish it would be more sensitive to when I stop. Sometimes it turns off and sometimes it doesn't (with AC is off). I have never regreted my purchase and am very pleased now that everyone is crying about gas prices and I get stopped in the parking lot from complete strangers loaded with questions. For the frst time I own a car that is worth more now than when I bought it (only 6 months later)!

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    There's quite a few factors

    There's quite a few factors that will determine if Auto Stop activates. Some things that will prevent it are being in "Sport" mode with the auto transmission, haveng defrost/defog on, low state of charge on the big battery, coming to a very sudden stop, extreme low ambient temperature, repeated low speed stops-and-starts. Basically, if it doesn't come on, there's a reason. Though I wonder sometimes

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    I am 1600 miles on my HCHII

    I am 1600 miles on my HCHII and i just realized that the average mpg calculation that pops up with the mileage reading is slightly error prone. I am not talking about the instantaneous bar reading that moves up and down and shows the miles per gallon all the time next to the digital speedometer. I am talking about the mpg calculation that shows up next to Trip A or Trip B mileage readings.

    The last two gas tanks, that mpg reading was lower than my actual mileage. For example : with last tank of gas, I drove 341 miles and used 8.09 gallons of gas ( based on my gas receipt). That comes to : 42.15 mpg. The car mpg reads 40.4 mpg for the same 341 miles. If you do the math: it has an error of approx. 14.15 miles for 8 gallons of gas ( approximately 4% negative error).

    So your car might be doing slightly better than you thought. Try this experiment on your car and let me know if you are seeing the same.


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    Hi VJ; That is a well known

    Hi VJ;

    That is a well known issue with the HCH-II. In fact it is a behavior unique to the HCH-II as all other hybrids instrumentation actually over estimates the fuel economy. Depending on how you look at it, it is actually a good thing.



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    First of all, thanks for

    First of all, thanks for your posts, everyone - they've been entertaining and informative ...

    My first car was a 1995 Saturn SC1 (or SC2 - I honestly don't remember). Regardless, despite it falling apart at the end of its life, I was averaging about 24-27 mpg.

    In June of '07, I bought a used 2005 HCH - in like-new condition. However, it came from the dealer and did not have stickers; and in one of my finest coups of all-time, I called the DMV and learned that the previous owner DID indeed have those carpool stickers...and for eight bucks, I scored replacements. I only mention this because I found it funny that the dealer had either played dumb (they said the car did not have the stickers originally, when in fact they sure did) - but I also half-suspected that this car was either salvaged or...I dunno what. Dealers are shady.

    Regardless, I love this car to death; I got it mainly because of the reduction in overall carbon footprint. But I love the inside, and it drives & looks like a non-hybrid car...

    Now, about the MPG:

    I have yet to surpass 38.5 MPG - per tank.

    Is it true that calculating MPG manually yields different results? (am I safe to assume it's a simple formula of total miles per fill-up, divided by total gallons per fill-up?)

    I drive mainly surface streets (probably 65/35 HWY/City % split) - and coast as much as I can, stop slowly, accelerate slowly, etc - I still fall short of the 39/43 ratings for this model's year. Granted, I probably round-out the bottom half of the average, but...it'd still be nice to top 40 one of these days...

    Considering I have been averaging only about 10 MPG better than my old, non-hybrid car produced 10 years prior...it's a little disheartening.

    I have YET to check and make sure tire pressure is 38-40 PSI, and that I have the right set of tires, in general. I know I could get a lot of flack for not paying attention to such attributes as of yet; but regardless of these changes, should I implement them soon, can anyone else attest to lower-than-average MPG in the '05 HCH?

    Maybe it was just an "off" year for the HCH...And I don't want to come off as complaining, or blaming Honda or whatever. I feel like I can probably adjust tire settings and make a difference - but still, I doubt I can reach the aforementioned (by other '05 drivers) 40-50 MPG range unless I drove an entire tank coasting at 65 mph.

    Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts on this...

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    Hi Kfink: Is your model

    Hi Kfink:

    Is your model equipped with a CVT or a Manual Transmission?

    In any case:
    First, pressing those tires up to their maximum sidewall rating is the primary thing to do if you want to see better fuel economy.
    Second, make sure you have the recommended 0W20 oil in it. Anything thicker and you are paying the price in lower fuel economy.
    Third, keep those speeds down. Anything much above 55-60 MPH is going to hurt any car's FE including yours. This is straight high school physics and mother nature still dictates the terms.
    Fourth, embrace the DWL and DWB techniques. If you do, you'll see your mileage climb even higher, even doubling what you see now.
    Fifth and last, if you embrace a few more techniques you'll see mileage you never thought possible. Anyway you get the point, but for now just try the suggestions one at the time from the top.

    Please let me know if you need any clarifications and I'll PM you the details.



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